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posted by TylerVining (LOGANVILLE, GA) Dec 16, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

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This game is great thats all you need to know

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Swing and a miss

posted by darkabk (CONCORD, CA) Feb 17, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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first i would like to say if Im going to rent a game i don't want to have to pay to enable multiplayer (i already pay for internet and LIVE)

I must have to high of expectations when it comes to story or todays audience has a one track mind. I like games with a compelling story besides super rich kids get kidnapped while by pirates while on vacation. cant connect with main character or supporting characters

note: i read a few reviews prior to playing the game and alot of people complained about profanity and i figured "ok, its a M rated game and it will have it" but no every 15 words from the player character or npc is the F word. be my guest skin an animal and say im wrong. there is excessive and it get to the point where it feel like they were trying to say it as much as possible through out the game.

go here, kill him, kills this animal, capture this point and done. well thats the just of the game. Theres not much in line of gratification of nice reward in much of the story more less the game. collecting items and unlocking towers gives you better signature weapons than what you can buy or find during exploration.

in my opinion people play games to get away from mundane life and menial tasks. and yet story missions (blue exclamation) were just that. locals having you do odd jobs that they can do. (find teenagers, spy on cheating husband, take pictures of dead people for pervert,etc). After the sandbox experience gets old and you have nothing left to do then you have to make your way back to the linear main story line.

co-op is nothing special, just objectives to complete in a limited area and has no influence on campaign or vise versa.

glitches: they are annoying. such as clipping through a rock to fall endlessly to the abyss of nothingness, enemies clipping through a floor or wall and sniping me regardless of what i was behind, on top or in vehicle. and action music would play and wouldn't mellow out after objective was complete or danger was

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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Dec 4, 2012

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Member since May 2003

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My Halo 4 is now exclusively a frisbee and for 4 year olds just like the Xbox!! This game is SOooOoO cool. THE Tigers sorta look like the ones from Kinectimals, BUT they try to eat you!!

YOu can make game levels too... But not like Halo forge that makes you use all the lame levels over and over... You can make terrain layouts, with structure layouts, and then destroy people online in your own level.

Requires Multiplayer pass.

I'm going to make a safari tour map that has Tigers eating all the civilians.


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