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Best Fps ever!

posted by The_Jman (BELLE, MO) Mar 14, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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To start off, this game has nothing to do with the original Far Cry. This doesn't make the game any worse, I'm just saying it's a totally new story. So the first thing you notice in gameplay: there are no zombies, unlike Far Cry. Oh, and your in Africa. So basically what happens is you get a disease, get fired from the army then nearly die. After you nearly die (before killing some dudes, of course) The boss of the people you killed thinks you owe him something for killing his troops. You become his "errand boy" and start running around the HUGE country. Well, most of the time your driving. But the driving isn't as bad as other reviewers say. One more thing about story mode is your buddies. They can give you side missions, and if you complete the mission it might upgrade your safe house. The can also save you when you nearly die. Last but not least, the map editor. You can make mountains, rivers, all sorts of stuff! And let's not forget there's over 1000 items such as cars, houses, and forts! Overall, I give this game a 10/10!

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Most Played & Re-played Game in my Library

posted by TheBigOreo (REDMOND, WA) Oct 10, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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Out of over 60 games in my personal library, FarCry2 has seen more play time than any other title by far.

What draws me back (the Good):
- Realistic AI: The computer guards act realistically. If you snipe from a position too long, they will triangulate your position and hunt you down. If you headshot snipe a guard outside line-of-sight it is a silent kill. If a guard encounters the body he alerts and reacts appropriately. Guards have realistic run-for-cover behaviour, use obstacles, and search patterns. Guards chase appropriately. I can't say enough about the AI, except for the 1 bad listed below.

- Excellent graphics: It really feels like they have reproduced Africa accurately. I can really believe I'm in that environment.

- Rock solid gameplay: Darkness acts appropriately as a cover, objects can be used strategically, fences can be shot through, etc.

- Reactive controls: no lag, or mis-controlling. Everything behaves as it should.

- Upgrades/weapons: There is a great progression in weapon availability and some weapons have a great fun-factor. Saving up for the scoped explosive weapons is really worth it... using the grenade launchers to assault vehicles is pure fun.

- Non-linear (semi) plot & free map are great. Guard posts CAN get tedious but there ARE ways of getting through this game without dealing with guard posts ad-nauseum. When you learn your way around the maps and how to use the various vehicles (like the conveniently placed hang-gliders) the game is a lot more fun.

The Bad(s)
On the whole I don't have a lot bad to say about this game, and I'm almost out of chars so bads are brief:

- AI: The only thing bad about the AI is it's ability to patrol/scout buildings. While the AI WILL attempt to flush you out of a building with a grenade, or shoot into a building... 80% of the time you are completely safe simply by ducking into a building and hiding.

- Side-missions: The non-plot missions are somewhat pointless.

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Far Cry 2, Next Generation Gaming in the CD

posted by Shadow360 (GASTON, SC) Nov 13, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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Far Cry 2 I only rented for the map editor, to my surprise i only used it for a few seconds right when i got it. The single player is what the next generation of gaming is all about. With an Epic map in all its ways the game lets you play how you want to play, chose a side, chose no sides, chose both sides, or kill them all, the choice is yours. The shooting is hard to get used to but once you have the hang of it you will love to cap the entire town with ease. The weapons buying system is great with a large amount of upgrades that help with stopping your gun from jamming to better accuracy (recoil). The more you use you gun it becomes dirty (cool effects). The average gamer could sit down with this game for about 50+ hours enjoying every minute of it. Set in Africa where there is no such thing as a good guy, you will find yourself hitting a small road block, and on sight you will be shot up even when you only need directions. This game truly is a Hardcore shooter fans dream. I would highly recommend this game to be a must have. This has been a review by the one and only (ShadowBlood 360)
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