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Above Average

More of the same...sorta.

posted by psolaguna (CAPE CORAL, FL) Oct 29, 2008

Member since May 2007

To put it simple, Far Cry 2 is just the same as the first one but with a few changes. First off you do not have your powers anymore nor will you gain any of them during the single player story. You can still blaze through the missions any way you want by going in at it from many different angles but theres really little stealth to be had in FC2, a knife kill will still alert guards and there isnt an instant kill option if you sneak up on one. Like quite a few 360 games out there, you desperately need an HD TV to really enjoy the game, and frankly I found it nearly impossible to play the game during the night on a standard TV and barely manageable during the day. Another issue I had with the game was its lack of explanation of the online multiplayer , a few words here and there or even some menu help would be nice. Also the multiplayer suffers the same gigantic maps issue that the first FC suffered from sadly you spend ALOT of time running around looking for someone much like its single player counter part. Everything aside the game is still gorgeous and entertaining, but Id gamefly it before Id shell out 60 for it and even then its still cheaper to buy it from gamefly...

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Far Cry 2, Buy or Rent?

posted by gamesir (TALLAHASSEE, FL) Oct 29, 2008

Member since May 2008

Far Cry 2 is a game set in a fictional African country, where a civil war is about to break out. You play a mercenary hired to track down an arms dealer called "The Jackal". To do this you will have to work for the two major factions(APR and UFLL) in order to trace there weapons back to the source. You will tackle their missions with Assault rifles, snipers, rpg's, and the mix. You also have the option to buddy up with a friend(NPC) in order to upgrade your safe house as well. They will usually require you to do 1 or 2 things more than the primary objective.
Africa is amazing. This game has by far the best graphics I've seen on the Xbox 360, rivaled only by CoD4's. The light shines through the trees, the grasses sway realistically, and the fire is simply amazing. The Dunia engine has done a lot for this game in terms of graphical style, and realism.
The AI is a mixture of good and bad. Most of the time, when you're spotted the AI moves aggressive, hitting you head on and flanking you at the same time. In masses they can become a problem, but individually they're nothing. This is why it can sometimes be best to attack at night, where you're less likely to be spotted, and you can plan your attack wisely, like sniping out men who are easily visible, or on high ground, then planting explosives on their vehicles so when you make a break for it, you'll make short work of them. Sometimes however the AI can be a little stupid. For instance I once shot a guy point blank with a silence pistol, and his friend rushed over stood right in front of me, 6 feet away, and never saw me. Other times they AI may run right into flames if you shoot one bullet at them. With that said, be sure to aim for the head, because these guys can take A LOT of bullets around the torso area before ever being silenced for good.
The multiplayer is so-so, nothing to talk about. Class based weaponry with your standard game modes. Uprising is simply King of the hill+VIP.

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Very Good

Not to bad

posted by Utalkin2me (JEFFERSONVILLE, IN) Oct 29, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

This is a very solid game with alot of gameplay hours

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