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Fantastic Four


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Also on:GBA, Xbox, PS2
GF Rating

345 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Fantastic Four

Control Stick Move Character
Control Pad Up = Switch to Reed. Down = Switch to Ben. Left = Switch to Sue. Right = Switch to Johnny.
A Button Light Attack
B Button Heavy Attack
X Button Grab. Use. Action (Where Glowing 4 Icon Appears).
Y Button Jump
Z Button Buddy Buff (Hold With Direction)
L Button Target Lock (Hold)
R Button Buddy Buff (Hold With Direction)
C Stick Control Camera. Switch Targets (With L Button Held).
Start/Pause Pause
Combo #1 L Button + Control Stick + Y Button = Dodge
Combo #2 Hold R Button + B, A, or X Button = Cosmic Power Attack
Combo #3 Hold R Button + Y = Super Mode