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A light escape for fans of the comic.

posted by Gareth (MARICOPA, AZ) May 9, 2006

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In 1994, a low budget film was created in order to preserve the film rights to one of Marvel Comics popular series “The Fantastic 4”. Created by comic legend Stan Lee, The comic tells the ongoing tales of four people who were endowed with amazing powers after accidental exposure to an element in space. The film was never released and has gone on to become a popular bootleg amongst comic fans. The ensuing rights for the film were also sold, and for almost a decade Fox has worked in brining the comic to the big screen.

After years of languishing, the film finally got on the fast track and under the helm of Director Tim Story and features a dynamic cast headed by some of the biggest emerging superstars in Hollywood.

Ioan Gruffudd stars as Reed Richards, a brilliant yet recently bankrupt scientist who along with his friend Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis), is visiting famed scientist Victor Von Doom (Julian Mc Mahon), in an effort to get his latest venture funded.

Despite the issues, the crew arrives at the station and the test is going according to plan, that is until an unexpected situation arises which causes the team to get caught in the storm with the shields lowered thus exposing them all to the storms radiation.

Back on earth, the crew awakens to find themselves in quarantine and suffering no ill effects from the accident. The failure of the mission is of great concern for Doom as his investors are using this as a reason to pull their support which in turn is causing his stock to drop rapidly.

In time, Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben start to show amazing abilities resulting from their exposure to the storm. Johnny can become a human fireball, Reed can stretch his body to amazing lengths, Sue can become invisible and project force fields and Ben has become a living wall of rock, capable of great feats of strength.
If you do not mind thin plots and characters, you may be able to sit back and enjoy this film for what it is, a simple summer escape

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