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Really Bad

Not a strong entry for this license

posted by TheSolly (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Nov 25, 2012

Member since May 2009

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Fans of Family Guy or strong gaming will be disappointed. Both the use of the license as well as actual game play are sub-par by most any standard. It appears to have all the graphical sophistication of a circa 1996 game. Family Guy isn't exactly the pinnacle of animation, and yet this game makes it look worse. Robot movements, no one blinks, etc.
The tie in to the show is pretty thin- essentially just characters saying some line from a show episode and relying on players familiarity with that to make the game 'Family Guy'. It just lacks every ounce of the wit and sarcasm of the show.
It's not deep, rewarding, or compelling, and the entire game is a series of highly repetitive levels with a couple variations of enemy, all of which have AI that makes Pac Man's AI seem advanced.
Stewie's ray guns and diaper grenades at least seem fitting to the world, where Brian makes due with sniper rifles, molotovs, and mowing down the Amish with a handgun- all of which seems out of place and frankly, too lazy to create anything beyond the Stewie character's weapons.
I consider a game to have failed the litmus test when even my 12 year old Family Guy obsessed kid quit in less than a half hour to find something better to do.
Despite my disappointment in the game, it's childishly simple game play and barely justified use of the license, it is a romp around the Griffin's hometown with familiar characters being, well themselves. It's a simple diversion, a game you might finish but certainly won't care if you don't.
It's worth a rental at most, but at full retail price, any gamer will be left feeling a bit ripped off. It's especially galling since there is also a Family Guy MMO in the works- so it seems Seth pretty well just sold the license to anyone with market niche to fill. Gamers hate money-grabs.

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GF Rating


Easily the worst game I've played all year.

posted by TylersDad1 (PHILLIPSBURG, NJ) Nov 30, 2012

Member since Mar 2003

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This game is not worth a rental. The gameplay is repetitive and boring. The funniest lines in the game are clips from real Family Guy episodes. Do yourself a favor and just watch the show.

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What were they thinking.......??

posted by Tiny_Tom_79 (LAS CRUCES, NM) Mar 11, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

So. I got this game yesterday, which was March 10th, 2011, popped it in installed it and started to play. I was able to beat the game from start to finish on it's default setting within 6 hours roughly give or take. That was without even skipping any of the cut/movie scenes. What were they thinking on this game and even took t to my local post office to send it back in under 24 hours......?? WOW.... and I don't mean 'World of Warcraft' either. I mean, come on. It could have been way better. To me the only really good part of the entire game is in the next to last part of it where you actually play as Peter for a 4 round bout with his nemesis The Giant Chicken, and even then you only use four buttons. I mean really....? Four buttons....?? Come on. The graphics, even after install being played on a Sony WiFi HD Television were somewhat glitch at best and most times it looked like Stewie was rocking the 5 o'clock shadow due to the, less than acceptable in my opinion, texture shading as to what is seen in todays games and even in Family Guy the animated series. Come on. I am disappointed being a Family Guy fan. They could've done way better on this game, made it longer, and even harder. If you want it for the story mode, ehh.... Don't bother. It's a complete hack. Next up on my Game Q. Hope to see Thief soon.

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