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831 ratings

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Freak'n Terrible

posted by hahalina (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Jan 24, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

Missions had no point. The game made NO sence. It works for the tv series but the show is only 30min long. I could barely tollerate to play the game any longer than that at a time. I love the show so I had to try it for myself.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Poor Graphics, Hard to control

posted by lonestar (GALVESTON, TX) Jan 12, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

I play SOCOM games well. So it's not that I'm not used to the PSP's controls. But I almost threw my PSP against the wall trying to play this game. It's frustratingly hard. And the graphics belong on a PSX, not a PSP.

While I love the show, this game was freakin bad. I found myself walking back into the store I rented it from (before I got on Gamefly) and saying "Ahhhhhhhhh, eeeee, ahhhhhhhh" (Ok, that doesn't work well in type. But you know when Peter hits his shin... yeah, that's it.)

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GF Rating


An Unmitigated Disaster

posted by MrGone (BROOKLYN, NY) Dec 29, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

I am a huge fan of the Family Guy TV show, so when I first heard that there was going to be a video game, I was pretty psyched. Unfortunately, the game that was produced is so incredibly flawed, it is like a black eye on the franchise.

The game essentially breaks down into three modes - as Stewie, you play through platforming missions, as Brian, you concentrate on stealth, and as Peter, it's all action.

Starting with Stewie - which is the best of the sorry bunch - the level design is counterintuitive, often making it hard to figure out exactly where you are supposed to go. Even when you do know, the controls are so sloppy it's merely an exercise in frustration.

Brian's stealth missions boil down to nothing more than waiting for NPCs with absolutely no AI to follow rigidly set patterns. These are the levels that made me want to throw my PSP across the room.

Finally, Peter's missions are just stupid. You mash buttons and try to hit everything that moves. different characters can only be hurt by certain moves -- some you can only kick, others only punch, and when you learn combos, there are characters that can only be defeated by that combo . The combos are frustratingly hard to enter, but since the fighting system (and I use that term VERY loosely) is so nonsensical, you stop caring.

Finally, you have the poor attempts to have the Family Guy's non-sequitor style of humor integrated into the game. Mainly it's just characters spouting off lines from the show with only a passing connection to the on-screen action at best. The cut-away mini-games offer nothing in the way of humor or fun, and seem more like an intrusion than welcome diversion.

Ultimately, this game was painful to play, especially as a fan of the series. I sincerely hope that if more titles are released under this license, somebody (i.e. Seth McFarlane) will make sure it is worthy of being connected with the show.

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