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Family Guy - Video Game!

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Above Average

Purely for the fans...

posted by morgan72 (STRATFORD, CT) Feb 25, 2007

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I am definitely a Family Guy fan when I have the remote in hand, not so much with my XBOX controller. It wasn't horrible, and it was an accurate send up in re to its irreverent humor and adventures, but its not for the lukewarm watcher (really too adult for the kiddies too). It has some fun moments, and its certainly got some laughs, but you're going to be slipping it right back in the mailbox soon after giving it a whirl. If they cut out half of the "sneaking" missions I think they'd have had a much better title, but alas. If you're a fan of the show, you'll definitely get a laugh, but as a game it really needed some more time in the oven.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Rent if you are a family guy fan.

posted by LambOfGod (ANAHEIM, CA) Oct 29, 2006

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im only about half way through the game right now. and i love it, but really only because its a family guy game. so you get to be peter, brian and stewie. as stewie (at least so far) you spend most of the time inside peter trying to get to the testicles, ill let you find out why. as brian, you get to sneak around like a stealthy brian ninja dog thing...but yeah. and as peter, you go around beating the...well you know what out of people. oh,you know all of the flashbacks thing in the show? well in the game they are interactive, my favorite one so far is stewies sexy so back to the review. ok the reason i didnt give this game a 9 or 10, is bacause the gameplay is not very diffent going from one level to another, like i said, brian= sneaking around...peter=beating up people...stewie=shooting things inside of peter....and thats about it, but again, if you love family guy, rent this game, so there you have it, family guy, 8 out of 10...this calls for a sexy party!

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GF Rating

Very Good

attention family guy fans!!

posted by superguy1 (TUCSON, AZ) Oct 16, 2006

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This game captures the same humor as the episodes and is very entertaining with all the characters you play also definetily a family guy fan must have.

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