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Family Feud

posted by barretbear (SANDSTONE, MN) Jan 5, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

I thought it was very easy to catch onto, some of the catorgories were a little out there, but it was still fun. The bad thing however was how fast you beat the game! Really!! You only play 12 families after that you get to see the credits rolling...i went back and got better scores on the ones that I didnt "win" the 20,000, but it really didnt take long..maybe 2 hours. i started a new game and found shortly after that that I was seeing things repeated so I sent it back. Worth the rent, but unless ya got a huge family that will be playing this not worth the money to buy.

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posted by foxy42 (YONKERS, NY) Dec 1, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

Seems to be true to the TV show as much as is possible for this kind of game. I guess my biggest complaint is that I have to think up all the answers. On the TV show you have a whole family, five brains coming up with answers. Here I only have me, myself and I to think of them and type them in what seems to be a very short span of time. I don't think there is anything they could change in the game to improve this other than giving you a bit more time. Also I think the game loses a bit of its appeal when you are not competing against other people and winning money for doing so. I wonder if my game opponent family is programmed to lose. I haven't played it enough to know. So good for a few laughs but not something I would want to own.

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posted by Robofish (OWINGS MILLS, MD) May 3, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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If you're fan of the game show, this game is for you. It's all there. The music the sounds the 3 red Xs ( which you may see a lot if you are as bad as me at this ).

The game is pretty simple and it's played exactly like the game show. My only beef is that I wish the two player mode had been done with single card download play rather then having two people share the same DS for a two player game. One of you holds the L button for your buzzer, the other holds the R button. Then whoever wins the showdown at the start gets to start guessing. When you guess what the survey said, you have to type in your answer and are limited by a clock. This is where things start to get frustrating. You better know what you are going to type right away. Otherwise if you wait until the last 10 seconds you could run into the situation of not using the stylus to type fast enough, or letters not registering on the touch screen. This happened to my girlfriend quite frequently ( she owns a DS and plays a LOT ) and it basically got sent back out of frustration for that one part of the game.

The screen keyboard input is probably the main frustrating bit of the game. Otherwise it's a fun rendition of the game show. Just like Press your Luck, there isn't a whole lot to this.

Verdict: RENT

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