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Family Fest Presents: Movie Games


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"Movie Games" no one should watch

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 29, 2008

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Cut, cut, cut, cut, CUT!
Family Fest Presents: Movie Games is supposed to be a family friendly knock off and satire of the movies.
But it doesn't even rise to that level. With the many, many mini game compilations out there, Movie Games has to have something that separates itself from the others, and it doesn't.
First off, the games are bland. The best are where I get to shoot pirates and pictures.
But this compilation includes games that have you shaking the Wii very hard and fast (Tennis Elbow, anyone?), a Match Three that could not be any more basic and a dancing game with music that's terrible. I didn't like any of those.
To make matters worse, the graphics are terrible. The actors you use just are bad to look at, and the scenery is one eyesore after another.
The thing that really gets me down on Movie Games is that "family friendly" games just mean "lacking content". This game has 20 games each lasting about two minutes each for a total playing time of about 40 minutes. I got bored with Movie Games in less that two hours.
Why can't they put in more mini games? Stuff the disc with as much content as you can with a good variety of mini games.
Your family deserves better than "Family Fest Presents: Movie Games" SKIP IT.

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Nothing special

posted by Jonocross (AMELIA, OH) Dec 18, 2008

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When I first saw this game in a store I thought I just had to try that. I put it on my game queue and it came... MAN am I glad I rented it instead of impulse buying it.

It's good points, if you've never played a Wii game with mini games before, its "ok" at best. There are a couple interesting games like finding the crystal skulls by pointing at them (you get more points the longer you point at them before you click them but your opponent can point at them and steal them if they're fast so it's actually more fun than it sounds) and they have a wiggle the wiimote game where you can't let you guy go too fast or too slow or he loses points. I thought that was an interesting take on the wiggle.

The bad points. WAY TOO SHORT! If you're having a party and want to play it with four people, you'll get an hour or so out of it. The games are lackluster if you've ever played anything with mini games before. Graphics... meh... I had a hard time investing myself in this game. It wasn't overly interesting or challenging or cute or well, overly anything. The name had potential, the game didn't live up to it. With all the mini game based wii games out there, save time and rent something else unless you've just GOT to try this one.

Fun - 4
solo fun - 2

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2 thumbs down

posted by NinjaGato (RAINIER, WA) Mar 30, 2010

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This was a major crapfest. It's awful. There are only 19 games, and they're all about 5 minutes long. You can beat the game in a matter of a couple of hours. It's so easy a 4 year old could figure it out- and I think anybody older would be bored to tears within minutes. I'm glad I got this on a trade in...because it's going to be traded back in and I won't miss it.

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