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Very Good

Great new setting, same dang problems.(360 Review)

posted by Artizuka (RICHMOND, TX) Feb 4, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

15 out of 18 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

After clocking in almost 100 hours of play time, I have to say Vegas is a really fun game. As an update to Fallout 3, this time around we have even more weapons, which includes a much more expansive list for you plasma junkies and even different types of ammo for our Guns including Armor Piercing and Hollow Point. We also have a ton of new locations, some new baddies(including the Nightstalker, a horribly creepy snake/wolf hybrid), and a more choices of factions for you to struggle with. All and all, a really great game throughout, though at times it really felt like one really huge DLC for Fallout 3 considering that with exception to the aforementioned items everything else was almost the exact same.

My biggest issue faced was the bugs once again. They got really bad this time. Allow me to mention three: 1: There's a new card game called Caravan in this addition to the series. You can collect playing cards to add to your deck and play against some various NPCs throughout the game. I experienced several times however going to shopkeep and attempting to purchase cards off of them only to have the entire system lock up, forcing a restart. 2: There's a Vault in which you must cause a massive explosion. In this explosion, one of your companions can(and will) disappear into the wall completely, trapped inside a wall and never to be seen again. (Though he is still listed in your party and you receive his perk.) This becomes really frustrating one hour later when you realize he's gone and your freshly saved game has made getting him back impossible. 3: I had a companion lose the option to rejoin me during a later mission. I -had- to have him in order to do a quest to recruit a team of ex-soldiers NPCs. Apparently he bugs out and you must dismiss all members of your party to get him to join. So, if you have a companion stuck in a vault wall somewhere....

Again, great game, but please just look up a bug list somewhere to be aware if you want to enjoy this game.

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GF Rating


Good but..with faults

posted by DmitryR (CLOVIS, CA) Oct 25, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

18 out of 22 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

As the above reviewee stated, this game is amazing, fun with many corky and often funny moments, but with alot of glitches that can distract from teh games "awsomeness"

The game allows a true story shaping style of gameplay - Dont like a character? Kill them, leave them, steal from them, befriend them Int his game YOU get to choose the fate of any and all NPC's in the game. You choose what factions to work for, and which to wipe out. And the land is littered with random places to explore.

The weapons have a "small" amount of upgrading ability, And I do express small..and there is no real point to keeping various weapons in ones inventory ( I beat the game non hardcore with just a service rifle and sniper rifle) For those that wish to invest the time into the game and do EVERY quest, level up to the max level, AND explore every inch of the map on a non hardcore game setting level your looking at about 30-40 hours of gameplay. Thats not a bad deal if your not buying it, and the hardcore mode caters to everyone who wants the realistic feel to their game.

Going back to the glitches, sometimes NPC will "dissapear" and others they will suprise you from behind even tho you saw them in front 1 second ago. Sometimes the game will freeze up and youll have to restart, fortunatly the save system doesnt cost you must time and effort in the process of restarting.

The controls are easy to use, quick to memorize, and cater to the hardcore players as well as the novice players.

If your a fan of fall out, this game does it justice " minus the glitches" If your a RPG fan, This game has it all - and if your just a gamer period this game is worth playing. Kudos to those who can beat this game on hardcore.. At teh moment This post is posted less then 0.1 % of players playing it have beat it on hardcore a TRUE Challenge for ANY gamer.

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GF Rating

Very Good

What happens in Vegas ... ?

posted by Estaban (new windsor, NY) Jul 11, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Im about 7 or so hours into it so far. I seem to feel that I'm able to get into this installment much easier then Fallout 3 even though all the controls and user interfaces are identiacal from what I can remember. The main objective in the game is overly simplistic to me being that your only sence of drive is to track down the person who attempted to murder you in the very beginning of the game, other then that there are lots of side missions to pursure. But so far it seems to work for me. They have done a good job at keeping me into it through -- having a lot places to explore - a bunch of items, armor, and weapons to collect - killing people/animals/things with those weapons - upgradable stats and perks that help you in various ways - being good or bad in perticular towns + a karma system --. All this consitering I havent even been able to enter the main enterence of New Vegas yet since i dont have enough currency to get past the armored guards at the front gates. So im just rummaging around the mojave wasteland, occationally peering at the distant bright lights of Vegas like a moth on a window on a well lit house at night, killn stuff and collecting stuff. Til i get my 2000 bottle caps to enter, then ima be playn dem SLuhTS!

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