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Fallout: New Vegas


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GF Rating


Great Game

posted by pommer299 (ROCHESTER, NY) Nov 6, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

Seriously just don't put too much emphasis on what these people who rate the game 6 and below are saying. They're being extremely bias based on any glitches they have experienced and load times, which is nowhere near a decent excuse to be rating a great game such as this so low.

Bottom line Fallout is Fallout and despite the glitches and bugs that can pop up the game is truly fantastic. The brand new story is a refreshing fresh start to the Fallout world and the map, although looking smaller, is absolutely filled with tons of cool places to explore and loot, while fighting your way through some of the same and some different and cool enemies, and creatures. The Fallout 3 storyline does beat out the storyline in New Vegas but the story is pretty good nonetheless.

As for other new content there are plenty of the same and new, cool weapons that you can find and use, many of which are very awesome guns. The modification system is also a very cool new add on which lets the player use a bit of strategy to how they want to approach different situations if they have the modification for it. Along the lines of guns, the whole aiming down the sight addition is awesome and really appeals to players like me who love their FPS games, it just adds so much fighting ability to this great game, besides having V.A.T.S. as a last resort.

The new companions are unique and all have their own stories behind them and quests to complete for them, something that is completely new from Fallout 3. The companion wheel allows you to interact with your companions like never before. You can adjust how close they follow you, how aggressive they are, and what weapons they attach. You can even attach Stimpacks to them, which they will use themselves to heal.

I would rate this game more along the lines of a 9.5, however there is no option to do so. Don't let talk of glitches and bugs discourage you. You will run into them and slow load times, but installing to your Xbox fixes this pretty good.

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GF Rating


Perfect Game

posted by prlacrosse (GIBSONIA, PA) Nov 5, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

I love this game!!!! Everything about it is perfect!!!! The only thing negative that I have to say about it is that Mr. New Vegas is no Three Dog. :(

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GF Rating


Best game iv played since fallout 3!

posted by Sp0960 (LEICESTER, NC) Nov 4, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

This game is so good I felt inclined to write a review just to say something about it! Sure it has glitches here and there (what good game doesn't?) But just take a look at how in depth and massive this world really is. Impossible for it to be perfect! I personally have only had it freeze once and one other glitch regarding the Vegas strip (which I'm sure will be patched soon.) I'm 50 hours in on hardcore and still have one main quest mission to complete, but I like taking my sweet time with these games. So look forward to hours upon hours of gameplay. If you've never played a fallout before this will take some getting used to definatly but you will love it over time! Fallout 3 fans will feel right at home its really not that much different besides more finely tuned gameplay/graphics. Final note would be the variations in difficulty, I found it slightly frustrating to say the least but RENT THIS GAME FOR SURE! Sorry you shall not be!

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