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Simply amazing in a complex way.

posted by GamerSage (SALEM, OR) Nov 13, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

I'm sure by now you know this game is amazing. I don't disagree. I do, however, want to offer a warning: This game is only for hardcore gamers. It requires an enormous amount of time. And, of course, it's extremely difficult.

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Same ol' Thing

posted by IceBeast (HUNTSVILLE, AL) Nov 13, 2010

Member since May 2010

This game does have some great elemtents to it. But they're all the same as Fallout 3. Besides a few exceptions.

The game started out looking promising but as I progressed it seemed as if I was playing a DLC for Fallout 3. All the features from Fallout 3 were still there (which is a good thing). But there really wasn't anything new other than the environment and weapons.

STORY: The story was okay for Fallout but great for any other game. This story however was not interesting at all in comparison to Fallout 3. I was not interested in who the dude in the suit was and I didn't care about my character's reactions like I did in Fallout 3. This is definately a loss for Fallout.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay was almost the same as Fallout 3. The enemies didn't react enough to your attacks and you found yourself relying on V.A.T.S. too much. The other thing that I was worried about that happened with both Fallouts is that you usually found yourself with one hit point left in your health which was my biggest problem with Fallout 3 and it wasn't much better in New Vegas. The only thing making it better was damage threshold. The minor health was a problem because it made fighting that much harder and boring.

RPG FEEL: Fallout definately feels like a RPG which is what it's supposed to be. But since the story wasn't interesting and the fighting was usually boring the RPG feel doesn't save the game.

If you compare everything to Fallout 3 then this game will probably get a 3 from you. But if you disregard Fallout 3 comepletely (which is very hard to do) and just play the game like it's something comepletely new then the game will get about a 7-9. But if you do that then you'll probably be leaning towards the lower end because the story is not interesting.

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More Fallout, Better Fallout

posted by UberBoob (CLARKSTON, MI) Nov 11, 2010

Member since Aug 2006


Most Important Points:
1) The game is Fallout 3 with added content and a new story. If you played and loved the first one, chances are, you will like New Vegas even more....that is if you've given it enough time in between the last game and New Vegas

2) There are a butt ton of bugs. It can be frustrating and take you out of the fun. Be aware.

3) The world feels like it's more alive than Fallout 3 with more to do and better characters.

4) Lots of choices to make. The addition of factions to side with adds some different dynamics.

5) The radio stations have like 5 songs on them...which sucks ;)

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