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Did the Fallout franchise justice

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Oct 18, 2010

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Some people may not know that the makers of Fallout 3 did NOT make Fallout: New Vegas. The new developer is Obsidian, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Obsidian is made up of a lot of former members of Black Isle Studios, the creators of the original Fallout games. Obsidian is also, however, the developers of the pretty terrible Alpha Protocol. It was really a bit up in the air whether this game turned out to be good or not.

Thankfully, New Vegas is every bit as good as I hoped it could be, and may even be better than Fallout 3. New Vegas seems to have more to it than the Capital Wasteland did, and the bright lights add a nice contrast to the dim environment everywhere else.

If you liked Fallout 3 and want that old familiar feel but with new and extra things to do, as well as a brand new story line, then New Vegas is where it's at. VATS is still super fun even after hundreds of hours using it in Fallout 3, there are new ways to make money and gamble, there's new and interesting weapons to use (there's even weapon mods, and melee weapons have special attacks now, too), new mutated things to destroy, creative new quest lines, and the list goes on.

Unlike Fallout 3, the third-person view is actually cool. It's a lot closer to the character and looks more like a traditional third-person action game. Some people may even prefer to play the game in this view now. Imagine that!

There's also a new "Hardcore" mode, which basically makes the game as realistic as possible. You have to eat and drink regularly, you have to visit a doctor to heal your major wounds (though stimpacks have a heal-over-time effect), everything has a weight (even bullets) and limits how much you can carry, and so on.

Overall, if you love Fallout 3, you will love New Vegas. If you never played Fallout 3, I would first ask "what's wrong with you?" but then I would say "play New Vegas". It's the most fun I've had on my 360 all year.

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Amazing, with gliches

posted by teacherguy (ODENTON, MD) Oct 20, 2010

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This is my first post! The whole Fallout experience has it all. This new installment has better graphics, slightly. The third person is much better. I hate games that end after 10 hours, and this one I just got started on hour 5!! Tons of places to explore and the voice acting is great.

There are gliches, but I dont feel they take away from the experience. Yeah, saw a bar tender floating through a table..kinda funny.
All in all I love the game. Its the kind of game that after you turn it off, you start thinking about different scenerios and the xbox gets powered back on again.

Definitely a buy. I highly recommend this game.

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I give this a 9, only because 9.5 isnt an option.

posted by Elgo1819 (UTICA, OH) Nov 23, 2010

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To begin, I am a die-hard fan of the Fallout series. I own them all. That includes Fallout 1, 2, and Fallout Tactics for PC. Fallout 3 for 360 with all the DLCs. And the unknown, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for the original Xbox. And because I am, I LOVE THIS GAME!

Not only for the gameplay, but for the story. There are so many references to where it all began back in 1998, that fans of Fallout 3, and not the originals, wont pick up on. But even without this, it is an astoundingly addictive game. All the elements of Fallout 3 are involved and improved on.

And the game, even on Very Easy, (which I am guilty of playing of in Fallout 3), is very difficult. The economy is more balanced to Post-Apocolyptia. Don't expect to buy a sniper rifle for anything less that 4000 caps. Combat Armor? Hope you're carrying 8500 caps on you. Don't let this all sound intemedating, this makes you the game FUN! You'll enjoy the challenge, I promise you. It's not a system of killing you over and over because you suck, it a system of 'you messed up, now how can you overcome this differently?'. And it works. It makes you think outside the box, and it brings a grin to your face when you loot the bodies of you're victims. "This was yours and you almost killed me with it, but now its mine, and you're still dead"

On to the gameplay, the reason I give this a 9.5, is the random, (but with the size of this game, excusable) glitches and the lack of decent storyline. You aren't born and raised in a certain way, which affects who you become (Fallout 3). Instead you're rescued and reconstructed. Boring? Maybe. Unimaginitive? In my opinion, yes.

All in all, if you loved or even liked Fallout 3, you'll have no problem spending 70+ hours in the Mojave Wastes. Hope you're signed up for 2 Gamefly discs at a time, because you won't send this jewel back for while.

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