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Very Good

Nice, addicting but with draw backs.

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) Oct 23, 2010

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FALLOUT 2 is in the same vein as RED FRACTION, GUN and a few other 3rd person games. And we all know 3rd person provides a better solely gaming experience. FALLOUT 2 has so many foes to fight it can eat up chunks of hours of your time without you even knowing. With that said there are so serious drawbacks namely:

1) The glitches that cause the game to freeze between loads. This doesn't happen until 3-4 hours of playing.

2) You travel everywhere on foot until you discover a town to fast travel to. You should be able to fix up a motorcylce. They litter certain areas.

3) The mapping system is bad! Better models are out there for the developers to choose from and they chose the wrong one. A GPS like in GTA would have been nice.

4)( This should have been first) Foes can take a .357 round in the back of the head and not go down. In real life a .357 hollow point to the dome, will lay you flat. Same with gaint mutant bugs, point blank range and they keep coming.

5) Each time you are given a quest, you should be given hints on how to beat boss. Only when you reach a certain stage of the game does that happen.

6) The NCR is pretty much worthless, two or less get killed every time. And if you hit they with friendly fire, they shoot at you.

7) You should be able to sneak up behind a foes and chopped their head of like in the PS2 game MANHUNT. ( That was brutal , yet visual rewarding at the same time)

Now the good;

a) 3rd person shooter game. YEAH!

b) Weapons are easy to find, just kill a foe and take theirs.

c) Healing yourself is as easy as taking a nap.

d) No time limit ( that messed up DEAD RISING 2) so you can explore and run missions at the same time.

Great game play, easy to figure out controls. FALLOUT 2 is worth keeping and replay value is great.

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GF Rating


Best Fallout

posted by milhouse92 (CHICAGO, IL) Oct 21, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

I stumbled upon fallout 3 by accident, and it quickly became one of my favorite games of all time. I was extremely excited when i heard New Vegas was coming out and am completely satisfied. as with all video game sequels, New Vegas contains the basic structure of fallout 3 but with updates to everything. at first, the updates seemed way to numerous, the addition of comic books, the modifications to weapons, the addition of several types of ammo for each gun, etc. but all of the updates were fairly easy to understand over time and really added a lot to the game. The game does freeze for a second or 2 put nothing like the glitches i faced in 3. Overall the game is a great sequel to 3 and is an amazing game. i highly recommend this game to anyone who likes 3.

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