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I Really Wanted to Love This Game

posted by Withered (PULLMAN, WA) Nov 6, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

Let me just say I loved Fallout 3, and I definitely liked New Vegas. If you're a fan of the series, you'll like this game just fine. In fact, I might even like New Vegas more than FO3 if it weren't for the bugs.

Other reviews mention have mentioned them, but they're definitely NOT something to gloss over. They are game-breaking. They are frustrating. They are many. And they are enough to drop a game that should be a 9, or even a 10, down to a 7.

I knew I was in trouble when the game froze after the opening cut scene. I didn't even get to control my character. The game couldn't handle in it's own opening. I had to hard-reset my system (never a good thing) and try again. Luckily it worked this time, but not 7 minutes later I was faced with an infinite loading screen when re-entering the first town in the game. The load times ARE long in this game, but I let the thing try for 20 minutes before I hard-reset the system again.

This was my first impression of the game. Luckily, over the next 20 hours of gameplay I only had to do one other hard reset, but I still ran into tons of bugs. NPCs randomly dying (once right in front of me), random graphical hiccups, my companions randomly losing their weapons, randomly getting stuck in the ground, one companion doesn't level up with you, so she quickly becomes useless. The dog will randomly attack friendly NPCs, which causes the whole town to flip out and try to kill you. Some NPCs won't trigger important quest-related dialogue.

Bugs are unavoidable in a game like this, FO3 certainly had them, but I feel like Bethesda didn't even TRY to fix them. Why are things that worked bug-free in 3 suddenly such a problem in NV? Especially when it's basically the same engine?

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Fallout: New Vegas

posted by kakashi920 (HANFORD, CA) Nov 5, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

This game is slow paced. This game is a waste of time. Turned it off not long after starting the game.

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Fallout New Vegas

posted by surfer7 (PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL) Nov 5, 2010

Member since May 2006

As another recent user reviewer stated "There is lots to do" that is an understatement. Being a fan of FPS games I was instantly bored out of my gourd and continued to be for 2 hours until I repacked the game and sent it back to the most awesome Gamefly folks.

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