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i think i forgot to go to work!

posted by nerdboy (MILWAUKEE, WI) Oct 30, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

dont bother renting this one,buy it.if you liked oblivion then you will dig this game.they should've named it oblivion of the future.

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Smells like...Game of the Year!!!

posted by fanofthex (PROVO, UT) Oct 30, 2008

Member since Jul 2005

I can truly say I'm going to be occupied for a while. FALLOUT3 is an entirely impressive immerssive experience. Your time will be well spent in post-apocalyptic D.C running and gunning for various people, and in the midst of it all following in the footsteps of your father. While comparisons will be made to Oblivion, Bethesda has outdone themselves and given us a game akin to Oblivion, but on Jet (a chemical in the game).
The game is visually stunning. Post-nuclear-holocaust has never looked prettier. Pop-up has been reduced from Oblivion and it runs smoothly. The gameplay is AWESOME!!! You can make any type of character you want. Do you like stealth? hack n' slash? Sniping? or just blowing stuff up? You can do it all. The skill system is fun and lets you create a character that is unique based upon your chosen play style. I absolutely love all the weapon and armor choices, along with custom made weapons, and stat boosting chemicals.
Two minor complaints: the computer hacking game needs a little tweaking although you can have an unlimited amount of chances to succeed. The thrid person view seems a little off or floaty, but works great when exploring the wasteland so you can see a little further around you.
The VATS system is phenomenal. Targeting body parts and seeing it executed in cinematic bliss is truly amazing! Even melee!!!
A lot of people have said there is no replay-ability in the game; this is simply untrue. Along with changing the type of character you play , you can change your moral stance. I have the guide and looking in the back of the book, there are multiple endings based on several choices and actions in the game. I haven't read them, nor do I want to spoil it for myself or others, but I can see that several endings are listed. So there you go!
I definitely think this game is a buy nor rent. It will suck up your time and you will love every second. You may come away crippled and a little irradiated, but you won't care because it's all AWESOME!!

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Almost perfect

posted by Seriatim (SOLON, ME) Oct 30, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

First off. The game does not get a 10. To me, 10 means perfect, with not bugs, glitches or problems. In short, it doesn't exist. However, if your could give out partial points, Fallout 3 would get a 9.75.

It is so much easier to list the few problems with the game that I will talk about those first. First, I have noticed some clipping, usually with blood effects that are overlapping other items on the floor. Secondly, I noticed that sometimes (maybe once every few hours) the game with freeze for a second or two, as though the system needs to catch up with all the polygons it has been pushing out. Lastly, there are certain time when you can't kill someone. Example, when you are walking on the outskirts of Washington D.C., I encountered a small kid named Billy, who approached me and asked me to rescue him from the monsters. Well, Billy annoyed me, so I pulled out me 10mm and shot him. He ran. I shot again, with the shotgun. Nothing. I then noticed he had no health bar. He was "unkillable". Oh well. Also, if you are a spray and pray shooter, you better bone up on your melee skills, because you really need to use VATS to keep your ammo up.

Now on to the good. The graphics are incredible, especially once you think of the sheer size of the game, and the fact that you can get to any place you can see. The first time I saw the Washington Monument off in the distance was from miles away, and when you enter VATS and see a critical hit head shot for the first time, you will blurt something out, usually along the lines of "Wow!". Incredible. The amount of customization with weapons and armor is great, as is the various responses from people depending on alignment and your skills. In fact, the sheer amount of stuff you can do might overwhelm you at first, and the seemingly endless little side-treks you stumble on constantly threaten to distract you from your current quest. You could easily spend 80 hours on this game on the first run through. Enjoy.

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