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Very Good

Heres the thing about this game

posted by your123 (WEST HILLS, CA) Nov 1, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

its a great game good graphics not that great of a story board though its about a guy whose dad ran away so u need to find him this game is based after the end of the world i think this game is extremely overrated what i did like about this game is that their is no boundaries at all u can go anywhere u want and u make a lot of decisions that effect your gameplay like lets say u steal to much stuff the whole town will keep tring to shoot u (this happened to me)then u need to start over from the last save also its hard to find ammo in the game then u need to change to another weapon so i dont know if i like this game but i do think it has its pro and cons so if u like games that are stragetic huge world games than this the game for u

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GF Rating


I'll take that... huh?! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! RUN!

posted by narco113 (CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO) Nov 1, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

I've played for about 7 hours as a thieving/evil character and have had to walk away from the console four times. Without saving every 5 minutes, you have to reply the same dull parts of the game over and over. Especially when you think you're pick pocketing safely, somehow get caught, then the whole darn town starts shooting at you with automatic weapons. Really?

This game is identical to Oblivion in almost every way. The plot is different, yes. The code in the game is a complete reuse of the code in Oblivion with a little music/imagery taken from Bioshock (which really deserves a 9/10 rating).

Thank goodness this game is a rental. It doesn't even suffice to waste time on until Gears of War 2 comes out. I'm done with it.

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GF Rating


game blows

posted by clydehutch (HOMOSASSA, FL) Nov 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

this game is the worse game ive ever played with a 9 user rating. you spent more time on your hand held gps changin your weapons and using aid then anything else. graphics aint the best, button set up is bad, pretty much the whole game sux. definetly dont buy it once you play it your gonna wanna send it back b4 ya break it. terrible. sad excuse for a xbox 360 game. looks like its for playstation 1. bad, bad, bad.

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