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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Andale Mister Sandman Exploit

Get the mister sandman perk and head to Andale. Go to the smith's house when they are asleep. Go to their sleeping kid and use murder. Since he is a child he will not die but you get experience.

Item Value Switch Glitch (Infinite Money Glitch)

Go into a store with two of the same item in your inventory, like say a 9mm Pistol. First make sure that one of the two is in perfect condition, and the other is completely broken. Sell them both to the store owner, then take back the broken item from the barter screen. DO NOT LEAVE THE BARTER SCREEN! Look at the store buyers' inventory. If the glitch worked, the item that's in perfect condition should have the same value as the broken item you took back; in other words, NO value. Take back the worthless, yet perfectly working item, and keep selling them both and taking them back in that same order until the store owner has no more Caps, and voila. You can do this to anyone who sells guns, ammo, armor and the like, and you'll have all the Caps you could possibly need in the Wasteland!

Infinite XP

You can gain infinite XP if your speech skill is high enough. Go to town called "Big Town" located north of Vault 101. If you spoke with a girl named Bittercup she should tell you about her dating exploits. After speaking with her, go into the house marked "Common House" and speak to a man named Pappy. There should be a speech skill dialogue option that says "You came here with Bittercup, right?" You will get 6 XP every time you click it. Keep doing it for more XP.

Infinite XP

Go to rivet city's broken bow and you will find a very hard lock. Pick it. When you are inside there is a switch called the lock mechanism. If you pull the door will be locked again. Reapeat for infinite experience