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Above Average

Not so good. Slow, slow, slow.

posted by jasoncourt (ARLINGTON, VA) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Oct 2003

This game is not fun, at least for me. Some of the little worry about this game was that it might end up being Oblivion done post apocalyptic-style, and I have to say that it tooootally is that. If you liked/loved Oblivion, that is a good thing perhaps. The game's pace is sloooooow, the combat is slooow(or if you don't use VATS, pretty ugly and broken).

I was really into the game during its setup and opening 'mission', but once you are in the wasteland it is all downhill. That is unless you like fetch quests, clunky combat and heavy menu interaction. Basically, if you want that Oblivion post apocalyptic, this is for you. Otherwise BEWARE.

PS: the glitches in this game didn't bother me much, I know there has been some complaining about this, the PS3 version.

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GF Rating



posted by ratley21 (LAHAINA, HI) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Aug 2004

BEST GAME OUT ON PS3!Better than oblivion and GTA4 combined.Great story,gameplay is good,v.a.t.s fighting system is cool.Graphics are very good.This is a nerd/gamers dream game.Definetly rent,if not buy.Its a long game so be prepared to play many hours,unless of course your a kid with nothing better to do all day.

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GF Rating


Wow - "Keep It"

posted by Insane4Sur (WEST BABYLON, NY) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

As I emerged from Vault 101 to gaze upon the expansive view of the desolate wastelands, I finally began to realize what folks meant when they said "This game is big".

This game is big. Really big.

It is a true Role Playing Game, which is probably the biggest complication for someone with a busy "real life". I tend towards games I can play in 10-20 minute clips. This is not that type of game.

But Wow.

The First Person Shooter/action implementation was done well enough to make up for the boring segments (don't scold me, I have a really short attention span). I find the balance of action, dialog, choices, and story more rewarding than any other RPG game I've tried (including Oblivion).

I didn't spend nearly as much time creating my initial character as others, and I find the occasional "level up" questionnaires easy to complete quickly.

The limitless possibilities, and potential to change the outcome so drastically based on simple choices, makes me think I'll be playing this game to completion several times (which is very odd for me).

Graphics: Spectacular for such a large world.
Audio: Enjoyable
Controls: Bearable
Story: Awesome

For me what truly makes this game incredible is they managed to offer an infinite number of choices (both in the game itself and in how you can play it) while keeping it simple enough that anybody can quickly pick it up and enjoy.

I'll "keep it"

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