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GF Rating


I never knew a nuclear holocaust could be so fun!!

posted by RPGSRUS (MADISON, IN) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

This is seriously a great game i gave this game a nine because of one problem but we will get to that later. Fallout 3 is a RPG and the setting is after a nuclear holocaust which destroyed almost all of mankind and a few lucky survivors. Now lets start out with the pro's. The gameplay is excellent its like you really are in the game and you can go anywere in washington D.C like the whitehouse or the washington monument, The graphics in this game are kill its so beautiful its like your really in destroyed ruins of washington D.C. Now for the cons. The customizable character isnt really all that great actually it sucks they should of put a bit more time into that, The quest are very annoying to you sometimes might have to walk for like ten minutes just to deliver a message yeah a stupid message, Now there is one thing that got me so bothered and bethesda screwed up big time i was playing and i was in the middle of the story and i walked past this certain place and it froze i have to turn off my ps3 and turn it on again and still doesnt work i did that about twenty times and still would happen in that exact same spot luckily i had bought the game from the local wal-mart and i took it home and the same thing happened so i had to restart my whole game over again it was so annoying and this didnt just happen to me look up my fallout 3 game keeps freezing on google youll see abunch of problems. This is a great game but can be annoying, GET THE GAME.

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GF Rating


RPG more than FPS.

posted by JonnyKill (WINTERSVILLE, OH) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

This game is OK, good graphics, decent game play and maps. Just not my cup of tea.[BUT] If you like the wander around and find stuff, talk to people type game(RPG), and you like Mad Max films. THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!

If you want accuracy when you shoot and more of a kill them now ask questions later game. This may not be for you.

With many plus attributes, map size, Pip Boy wrist communicator, and decent story(from the little I saw). The major problem for me, is the call your shot before you take it method seemed very flawed. As was the overall shooting accuracy. If you call a head shot and have over 90% accuracy, why does it take 2 or more shots to kill someone/something? Same thing for point blank range. You pop the guy in the head and it takes more than 2 shots most of the time. If it has to do with radiation on the planet, guess I just didn't get it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

When a game should be a 9..

posted by mikal0822 (ROUND ROCK, TX) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

I love the story and the journey you go through in Fallout. You can be anything to anyone. Good or evil you can take yourself in so many directions. I enjoy the VATS combat system, however manual aiming blows. The graphics are.. well.. choppy at times. It seems that development time wasn't given to the PS3 like it should have. Ive had glitches, stalls, freezes, pop in constant jaggies and other problems arise while playing. I leveled up once and the computer never let me adjust skill points or gain perks. The technical issues that mar this version of the game keep it from being an easy 9. Its too bad too. Hopefully it gets patched to make it more stable. Its worth experiencing, just have some patience with the inconsistencies.

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