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Could've been a contender, if only...

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jul 10, 2010

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The premise of Playlogic's "Fairytale Fights" sounds good- take four figures from the world of fairy tales (Red Riding Hood, Snow White, the Naked Emperor, and Jack of the Beanstalk fame), send them on a quest, and let them lay waste everything in their path, Mortal Kombat- style. Sadly, though the blood does flow (and there is plenty of blood) and the game even manages to amuse on occassion with its twisted sense of humor, it is far too flawed to recommend as anything more than a rental to satisfy your curiosity. The flaws are many- bad camera, a shallow control scheme (you use the right stick for combat, and that's about it), poor direction on what to do, repetitive level design, bosses that don't live up to their potential and take far too long to deal with, and deadly water- all of this keeps the game from being as fun as it could have been. Despite all this, some fun can be had, if only for a limited time until you get bored with the repetition. The graphics are okay, and sort of fit the game, but they're nothing spectacular. The story line for the quest is thin as well. This should have been a fun and funny game, but it doesn't quite measure up. It was a good idea, though.

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Fairytale Fights for better reviews

posted by Video1313 (BENTONVILLE, AR) Nov 6, 2009

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So, I actually picked this item up at the local Wal-Mart on it’s release date, and in retrospect, should have just relied on Gamefly for this to save the money. I’d watched the website, and waited for it for about a month as it looked rather enjoyable.

It started off rather flimsy to begin with. You start in an area with very little real interaction. You can move left or right around the area and the only real thing to do is look at a handful of books. Each book relates to “something”. The one closest to you allows you to choose your character (one of four: Red Riding Hood, The Nude Emperor, Snow White and Jack who came down from his Beanstalk for this). You then get to wander around doing pretty much nothing until you find the book that haphazardly sends you into the actual game. It’s not clearly labeled either, so that was annoying. But, not so much so as the fact that the rest of the books give only lip service to being useful as well.

But, as you go into the game, you begin an adventure to reclaim the Three bear’s kettle, as their restaurant business can’t serve To Hot, To cold, or just right pouridge without it. That’s almost all the story line you’re really given. Some Lumberjacks stole it, and now you have to catch up and reclaim it.

The story line is sadly about as well thought out as the controls were. You use the thumbsticks on the controller (left to move, right to attack), which gives you minimal, if any, real control. You sorta move right to attack right, you sorta move left to attack left. You can hold down a direction which “charges” your attacks, and you then must pray that the enemies don’t just move around you or happen to stop as you’ll then miss. Combat is literally just wiggling the joy stick all over, so feel free to tie the controller down and convince your cat to thwap the thumbstick for you. This would prolly give you some sense of satisfaction even.

You can leap, which is necessary far more than would be expected since sometimes just go

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Hello my little pretty. My don't we look NNYUCK!!

posted by FullMooner (POCATELLO, ID) Feb 15, 2010

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If you wish to save yourself some time and aggravation, just pay someone to punch you in the face as hard as they can. It'll be far more enjoyable than playing this game. Alternately, you could pick a fight with a gang of ruffians. Your week-long stay in the hospital will seem like a vacation compared to playing this game for ten minutes. This is by far the worst game I have played for PS3.

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