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Face Breaker

posted by opeymonkey (SAINT PETERSBURG, FL) Sep 10, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

I Think this game rates right up there with one of the worst games ever released by Microsoft. At first look on commercials it seems to be a rowdy take of fight night with a Looney Toons feel.. But upon playing this game its basically a giant game of rock paper scissors. maybe good for aggression release on a complete video game noob but then turns into pure
disappointment upon actually getting good at the game. Note to anyone who is going to play the game start studding the art of memorizing different characters moves by heart other wise watch you face get broken and maybe a few of your 60$ xbox controllers. In review game play 2 or 3
graphics 1 or 2 hints the looney tunes slam..
and save your 60 bucks to get screwed for a lot cheaper bye SOMEONE else..

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Really Bad

Not completly craap

posted by AUsername (MONTEREY PARK, CA) Sep 10, 2008

Member since Jun 2003

Ok, so I gave it a 2.

I think EA was aiming for a Mike Tyson Punch-out type of game. You know, where you have to figure out how to attack and counter-attack each fighter’s gimmick. I’ve seen at least one review describing the girl you can’t hit. I actually figured her out half-way through the first round. Swing, then quickly dodge (hold RT and Hold the same button you just swung with) and she will be vulnerable for at least three hits. I’m sure someone out there has figured out how to handle each fighter, but I didn’t care to look (gamefaqs?).

I think the main problem people are having is the speed of the game. Going at it on easy doesn’t make it manageable. I returned the game because I was ahead in a fight (1 knockdown in round one and another in round two) and in round three I was knocked down once, and it went to sudden death. Of course, I got my asss handed to me in sudden death. I turned off the game before the computer could knock me out. I remind you this was on easy!!!!!!!

Honestly, there was a real promising game here, but EA made it just too hard for casual gamers.

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posted by Brikz3488 (ROCKVILLE, MD) Sep 10, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

First let me say this. Wouldn't it be nice if Gamefly had either a link to the instruction manual, some way of downloading the manual in PDF form, or even screen shots of the manual under game info. Imagine how much easier it would be to get up and running in your game if you could read how to control everything from the get go. Now i know that many games do include a tutorial at the beginning to get you familiar but some don't, and i believe the gamefly experience would be even better if instructions were available for all games! If you think i am correct or you have experienced this problem, why not write Gamefly's customer service and ask them for this service. They have been very responsive to gamers requests in the past and i believe that they would like feedback from gamers as to how to make the best online video rental site, even better. I hope you will consider this, and now on with the review.

I was so hoping it was going to be an updated Mike Tysons punchout, but it is so far from it. The game is hard tho. I barely got through the lowest difficulty level, but i did manage to pick up about 155 gamer points while doing it. And i think it gypped me out of 40 more. Once you figure out the counters, most of the fighters on this level are easy and i went back to get the facebreaker finish on most of them. But the game gets boring. They could have made the breaker moves so much cooler, and make more of them with combos and such. And as for the facebreaker finish they could have made this really cool, (like I don't know..Make his face explode or something) and make it different on each character, but instead they went lame with it, and the character do the same thing and say the same thing in the postfight scene. You could say well this game is meant for teens, but one i think they can handle it, and 2. The difficulty level of this game suggests it is not for kids younger than that. I gave it a 4 because of the idea of the game, but i wanted more.

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