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Very Good

Pretty good, smarter then yobut for how long.....

posted by HarryMason (CANYON COUNTRY, CA) Nov 21, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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Ive noticed this game had a very low rating, and maybe i can see why, but i think its undeserved.

facebreaker touts itself as a boxing game, but really, its a very intense game of paper rock scissors. but thats not bad, its smarter then you think. In the game, you throw high punches and low punches, plus super punches and blocks. If a person throws a high punch, and your quick or smart enough to press and hold it at the same time, too, youll dodge the attack and counterattack. but he can do the same for that, also, forever until failure.
While this may sound boring, its actually quite intense. like someone throwing paper rock scissors at you rapid fire, each time hes smarter or faster then you, pounding your ugly little face in until you fall down. Fall down, and have the deformation physics completely disfigure your face, to the point of unrecognition. its simply amazing what you can do to yourself and others in this game. People seriously get messed up, especially when you get the instant game winning FACEBREAKER, pounding their face into the ground.

this is the best part. you can, and people have, make anybody. Borack obama, hillary clinton, chris rock, THE JOKER, Spiderman, a fat superdeformed monstronsity, yourself. anythings possible. you can even go to the website, send in a photo of you (or anybody else), and get it made into a face. I had alot of fun. Look for my Smurfette character. I planned to make more, but alas.....


fun, but i found myself returning the game after two days. i already had hot shots golf out, why have two pick-up-and-play games, when i could be playing mirrors edge or silent hill?

but worth it, if you already have a serious game out, and you really dont feel like another 17 hours of GTA, and just want to watch a hot chick beat the heck out of you or your friends. give it a shot

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facebraker stinks

posted by irishchimp (SPRING, TX) Sep 10, 2008

Member since May 2008

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the only way this game is good, is if you did not have anything different to do with your time, i myself put the game in and played it for about five min. and all i can say is that is five I am never getting back.
the problem is the game is supposed to be fun and funny but it lacks in both, the reason is it is just way to hard, even on the lowest seting I could not make it past the boss on the first belt , so fun was thrown right out the door on that one second the people in the game say the same thing over and over again , it never changes so insted of being funny it just gets old real fast.
for the love of god!!dont play this game

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posted by KJeezie (GREENSBORO, NC) Sep 9, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

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Gamespy said it best
Terribly flawed and unbalanced gameplay mechanics alongside brutally punishing AI make this a chore to play

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