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Also on:Xbox 360, PS3
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GF Rating

Very Good

Fine for what it is

posted by detroitnc (High Point, NC) Jan 13, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

I was looking for something that has good motion control and more realistic boxing. I knew this game is more for a party type, fantasy, freestyle brawling game, but I gave it a shot anyway. So if that is what you are expecting, I would say it's a great game. Good controls overall with motion, but you will need to master the buttons and directional usage to do some real damage and defend yourself effectively. With all that said, I gave it the rating of 8 because it can be really fun. But after playing for a while, I realized this isn't what I was looking for. For what it is, it is a great party game of just something fun to play. I will keep looking for a more realistic boxing game that I can get a decent workout on with good motion and controls, which so far, seems hard to come across on Wii.

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GF Rating


Why bother?

posted by ChillGamer (ATLANTA, GA) Oct 12, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

I gave the game a 3 purely because I like the characters and the animations. For an EA game, I thought it was pretty original.

I knew it was a button masher game. However, some of the counter moves had nothing to do with it. they were very difficult to execute in the heat of the battle and that made it very frustrating.

The characters move too slow. They have a dash move which requires you flicking the joystick back or forward. Everytime I did that I shaked my controller and did a punch. Once I got to Molotov, who has a big lunging move you can't block, I got really messed up. I could not jump forward to close distance, I could not jump backwards.

Countering requires flicking the remote or nunchuku back and holding it there. In the heat of the battle, anytime I did this was a mistake. Too bad too because I knew how to counter and throw down a crazy combo. Since I couldn't do it on purpose most of the time, I couldn't launch this attack as a primary one.

I wish these crossover games would start including the wii controllers. I like the wii but I really wish I didn't have to deal with their awkward, UNCHANGABLE settings. I would GLADLY buy a controller if it meant that I can use it on games like this.

At least my arms got a small workout.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

not what I was expecting

posted by pbjelly (LAWRENCEVILLE, GA) Jul 8, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

This game is horribly disappointing when you are expecting Punchout..and you get a lame crossover between a fighting game and a boxing game. Lame because you should be able to jump in a fighting game and the motion for punching should be one to one, not wildly shaking the remotes up and down. Horrible play control, lousy characters, and unremarkable music tracks.

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