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Face Racers: Photo Finish


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Didn't like this game!

posted by Tmodes04 (COTTAGE GROVE, MN) Aug 5, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

My 7 yr old son tried this game, he played it for about a half hour and was ready to return it. He said it was very frustrating and boring to play.

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My Eyes!!

posted by RealDealExpress (VALLEJO, CA) Dec 29, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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First off you know this game is horrible, i know its horrible and the people who made it know its horrible. I get the chance to be the Second one to write a review of this game other then Nintendo power since no one else wants to play this game and ill tell you why.

I had this game on my Q as 10th place since most of my games i wanted was medium availability. Game fly took any chance they could to send out this game to any poor soul who had the crown jewels to play this. So when i did get the game in the mail i immediately started to play it and it as a bad choice indeed.

Once i start the game i check out the championship tour to select
my racer all i see is ugly middle age people showing there fat hairy face on my screen and bellow was happen to be someones butt cheeks. From this moment on i knew the game would be horrible. Although you could just custom your own face. But i happen to have a standard not to put my face in such an awful game. So i just took a picture of a poster i have.

Now when i started to play the game I noticed the graphics they look like Ps1 to N64. The graphics are dull, ugly and show no effort at all what so ever. Whats the worst of the game is that the level design is atrocious! i mean god awful! its some of the worst ive seen in 17 years of gaming. This level design couldn't pass for a 3DO game. I have no idea what they where thinking.

The ugly people will some how get faster and the power up do almost nothing. They are complete rips off of Mario cart. Instead of a shell its a rocket. I was pushed off the ledge of the tracks due to not knowing where to go and the confusing level design.

The game only has 4 cups in the game but you will be playing the same tracks many times in each cup. Yeah that's how many actual tracks in the game like 4 or 5.

I haven't played a game this bad since my review here on Fairy tale fight on 360. Playing this game is like slapping your own nut sack. It will hurt and you don't know why y

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I cannot recommend this.

posted by CaptColon (SHIRLEY, NY) Mar 2, 2012

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Member since Sep 2005

I expect more from Renegade Kid. This was originally announced a year ago but no footage or screen shots were shown of the game so at first it wasn't clear right away that this was obviously thrown together and meant as a way to capitalize on 3DS owners who desperately wanted an online kart racer and didn't want to wait for Mario Kart 7 to come out. But that backfired because Majesco just kept pushing the release date back over and over and I think it wound up coming out in the same week as Mario Kart 7, so there was never a reason to give this game a chance. This was such a low profile release that even Nintendo's website has the release date wrong and never bothered to correct it (they list it as being released on September 13 but that was one of the first release dates it was supposed to have before it kept getting pushed back until December). But as expected, anything this game does, Mario Kart does better. Why are good kart racers not made by Nintendo so hard to find?

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