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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Silver Key Locations Lookout Point

Cut through the bushes in the center of the area near the statue.

Silver Key Locations Bowerstone South

Upstairs in the clothing shop on the balcony.

Silver Key Locations Fisher Creek

Go behind the building, on the north side of the map, and fish along there, it's at one of the ripples.

Silver Key Locations Guild Woods

Fish where the ripple is, where you killed the bandits with Whisper.

Frying Pan

The treasure clues start you on the dock at orchard farm. They lead you through the apple orchard and down the path towards the barn. At the first barn, dig in between the barn wall and the bales of hey to find the Frying Pan

Easter Egg Cursing in Witchwood

In the Witchwood Cullis Gate area, there are four stones with a letter representing each stone. You have to spell the Demon Door's name correctly which is H-I-T-S. However, if you enter the dirty four letter word instead, two Balverines will attack. Spell it again, and the voice that pronounces each letter will follow it up with saying the word.

Permantly Huge

Cast berserk, then save while the spell is in effect. Then, reload the game and you'll be huge. You can return to normal size by casting berserk again and letting it wear off.

Dodging the Troll ground pound

Instead of rolling back or to the side while trying to avoid a troll's pound attack simply cast slow time (that way you can get up close faster) use enflame when the it starts to pound. this will inflict damage to the troll and keep you from taking any damage, makeing it quicker and easier to kill it.

Pirates of the Caribbean reference

If you go to the middle of the Lychfield cemetery, slightly hidden behind a bush is a grave stone for Captain J. sparrow.

How to beat trolls

To defeat any trolls just target the troll and roll towards them(y) when they do any attack. you will not take any damage.

Legendary Weapons Crossbow

Crossbow--Name: Arken's Crossbow--Damage: 220--Class: ranged--Value: 50,160--Location: Found in 15 key chest at Darkwood Marshes

Albion Funny graves

Read the graves around Albion to find some funny tombstones.

Ending sequences

There are two different endings for each alignment (four total). Walk the side of good and throw the sword in the vortex or kill you sister. These endings are different if your alignment is evil.

Free hairstyles

Instead of purchasing your hairstyles from the barber, break into his house at night and take the desired style. Go into sneak mode by clicking the Left Analog-stick.

Easy stealing from stores

Have the owners follow you outside their store, then give them three beers to make them drunk then run back to their store and begin stealing. Now you should have the time to loot everything. But remember, keep an eye out for when they return.

Sword of Aeons

At the end of the game choose to kill your sister. If you watch the credits you will get to continue playing with the sword of Aeons, a massively powerful weapon.

Legendary Weapons Pickhammer

Pickhammer--Name: Wellow's Pickhammer--Damage: 120--Class: Light--Value: 29,400--Location: Inside Greatwood Gorge Demon Door.

Legendary Weapons Greathammer

Greathammer--Name: The Murren Greathammer--Damage: 270--Class: Heavy--Value: 66,150--Location: Found in 20 key chest at heroes guild.

Legendary Weapons Greataxe

Greataxe--Name: The Murren Greataxe--Damage: 240--Class: heavy--Value: 58,800--Location: At the top of lighthouse in Hook Coast in 15 key chest.

Legendary Weapons Greatsword

Greatsword--Name: Solus Greatsword--Damage: 314--Class: heavy--Value: 69,825--Location: Purchase at Bowerstone North

Legendary Weapons Greatmace

Greatmace--Name: The Sentinus--Damage: 225--Class: Heavy--Value: 62,475--Location: Awarded by the god Avo when you donate 32,000 gold at one time.

Legendary Weapons Longbow

Longbow--Name: Skorm's Bow--Damage: 264--Class: ranged--Value: 54,720--Location: Awarded by Skorm when you sacrifice enough people.

Give your weapon a immense glow

Equip the weapon you wish to glow, cast multi-strike, enter the menu (back button), go to your weapon in the menu (main menu>equipment>weapons>"weapon">weild), go all the way to the "wield" option, press the back button again, then repeat the steps until the weapon glows as bright as you want it. This doesn't work for bows of any kind, and the weapon must be on your back.

Legendary Weapons Longsword

Longsword--Name: Harbinger--Damage: 198--Class: Light--Value: 44,100--Location: Pulled out of the stone by the Temple Of Avo.

Legendary Weapons Katana

Katana--Name: The Katana Hiryu--Damage: 215--Class: Light--Value: 47,775--Location: Found in Bowerstone Mansion if you marry Lady Grey in her bedroom in a 15 silver key chest.

Legendary Weapons Cleaver

Cleaver--Name: The Cutlass Bluetane--Damage: 165--Class: Light--Value: 40,425--Location: Greatwood Cave Demon Door.

Legendary Weapons Axe

Axe--Name: Ronok the Axe--Damage: 165--Class: Light--Value: 36,750--Location: Inside Grey House Demon Door.

Legendary Weapons Mace

Mace--Name: Dollmaster's Mace--Damage: 135--Class: Light--Value: 33,075--Location: Inside Abandoned Road Demon Door.

Specialty Food Items Fish

Fish: This Gives you +3 Will Exp

Specialty Food Items Golden Carrot

Golden Carrot: Changes night into day

Specialty Food Items Moon Fish

Moon Fish: Changes day into night

Specialty Food Items Red Meat

Red Meat: This gives you +3 Strength Exp.

Specialty Food Items Tofu

Tofu: +5 Good Points

Tavern Games

In any town where will powers are allowed, use the slow time spell to simplify tavern games. You can make the maximum bets with almost no risk of losing. If you get drunk, the games get harder.

Free hairstyles

Instead of buying your hairstyles from the barber, break into his house at night and take the desired style. Go into sneak mode by clicking the Left Analog-stick.

Gifts from wife

If you make your wife very happy, you can get gifts from her. They are usually weapons.

Sword Of Aeons

At the end of the game, kill your sister. After the credits you can continue playing with the Sword Of Aeons.

How to beat the undead

The undead are already easy to defeat, but to kill them faster, use a blunt object such as a war hammer. For best results, have an augmentation or two.

Specialty Food Items Carrot

Carrot: This gives you +3 Skill Exp.

Specialty Food Items Crunchy Chick

Crunchy Chick: +5 Evil Points

Health Potion

Restores Health

Will Masters Elixir

Increases Will Pool

Will Potions

Restores Will Power

Funny events

At the very beginning of the game, find the cheating husband, then rat on him to his wife. She will go and yell at him. Follow her, and listen to her read him the riot act.

Getting businesses

There are a few ways to do this. The first is to kill the owner. Another way is to marry the owner. The final way is to have the owner follow you, then leave town. Then, tell them to wait outside of town. When you go back, their store will be for sale.

Ending sequences

There are two different endings for each alignment (four total). Walk the side of good and throw the sword in the vortex or kill you sister. These endings are different if your alignment is evil.

Demon Door Barrow Fields

Location: Barrow Fields. Item: Will Master's Elixir. Solution: Be fat. Eat over 20 apple pies or red meat to get fat quick.

Demon Door Grey House

Location: Grey House. Item: The Axe of Ronok. Solution: Marry Lady Grey of Bowerstone.

Ages Of Might Potion

Might experience; changes with multiplier

Ages Of Skill Potion

Skill experience; changes with multiplier

Ages Of Will Potion

Will Experience; changes with multiplier

Health Elixir

Increases Health bar

Key Cheat

On the grave yard mission get the three keys then abandon the mission restart it and get more keys.

Demon Door Heroes' Guild

Location: Heroes' Guild. Item: Elixir of Life, Tatto card and books. Solution: Use the Lamp (which is in the 'Other' of your Items) and show it in front of the door.

Demon Door Greatwood Gorge

Location: Greatwood Gorge. Item: Wellow's Pickhammer. Solution: The door wants you to do evil deeds. You can choose to do one of the following: A) Be 100% evil. B) Murder people in front of it (people from town or mercs are the best). C) Eat 10 Crunchy Chickens in front of it.

Demon Door Rose Cottage

Location: Rose Cottage. Item: Will User's Bright Suit. Solution: Give the door a gift. Even a cheap one like a rose.

Demon Door Greatwood Caves

Location: Greatwood Caves. Item: Ebonblade Cutlass. Solution: Take a combat test that will test your combat multiplier. A physical shield is something that will make this a whole lot easier.

Demon Doors Deadwood Marshes

Location: Darkwood Marshes: Item: Will User's Dark Suti. Solution: Take a combat test and face a horde of Hobbes.

Darkwood Key 2

In darkwood swamp there is an obelisk with a hole near the top, put an arrow in the hole and receive the silver key.

Greatwood Lake Key

Go up the hill to the right when you enter the Greatwood Lake area.

Hook Coast Key

Break into the lighthouse and search the cabinet near the steps to find a key.

Rose Cottage Key

Dig in the center of the ring of red flowers next to the Rose Cottage.

TwinBlade's Camp Key

Go across the lake in the first area, then dig in front of the chest against the wall.

Witchwood Stones Key

There is a fishing spot across from the Demon Door for a key.

Silver Key Locations Lychfield Cemetary 3

Fish it from the stream west of the grave keeper's house, inside the gates.

Silver Key Locations Cliffside Path

In the hill at the north end of the map, past the underground tunnel there is a place to dig.

Silver Key Locations Hook Coast

In a cabinet on the ground level of the Lighthouse, you have to either pick the lock or break the door to get in.

Bowerstone South Key

Go onto the upstairs porch of one of the houses across from the item seller.

Cemetery Demon Door

The door in the Cemetery quest only opens after you find Nostro's armor.

Darkwood Key 1

Fish from the right side of the first bridge after entering Darkwood.

Silver Key Locations Windmill Hill

In the garden by the small farmhouse on the west side of the map, dig in the flower lined mound.

Silver Key Locations Windmill Hill 2

Its behind the windmill, dig it up in a flower ring.

Silver Key Locations Headsman's Hill

Take the Demon Door from Gibbet Woods to access Headsman's Hill. Fish in the pond at the ripple.

Silver Key Locations Bowerstone Manor

You have to have married Lady Grey for this one. Search her bed for it.

Silver Key Locations Lychfied Cemetary

In a crypt in the south central part of the map. It's with a corpse.

Silver Key Locations Lychfied Cemetary 2

Buried in a grave right outside of the above mentioned crypt.

Silver Key Locations Grey House

Fish near the Demon Door.

Silver Key Locations Oakvale Memorial Garden

Dig near the statue in the cemetary area, underneath the axe.

Silver Key Locations Twinblade's Camp

South part of camp theres an area with a treasure chest, some barrels, and a patch of dirt, dig between the chest and barrels.

Silver Key Locations Witchwood Stones

Fish in the pond next to the Demon Door.

Silver Key Locations Witchwood Lake

There is a statue with a red glow from where you first enter on the west side, dig near there.

Silver Key Locations Knothole Glade

There is a ring of plants between some homes in the south part of the area, dig there.

Silver Key Locations Greatwood Lake

It's at the north end of the map where the bridge is broken, its in plain view.

Silver Key Locations Orchard Farm

Fish off the pier on the east side of the map.

Silver Key Locations Rose Cottage

There is a circle of red flowers by the old lady's house, dig inside of it.

Silver Key Locations Hobbe Cave

There is a ring of mushrooms in the focus chamber, dig in there.

Silver Key Locations Darkwood Lake

Shoot an arrow through the stone with a hole in it.

Silver Key Locations Ancient Cullis Gate

Fish on the west end of map near the bridge.