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posted by myadoni7 (ABERDEEN, SD) Apr 5, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

I know there are some that don't like this game but I thought it was stellar. You have to use Kinect with the game so be sure to have proper lighting and enough space. It was challenging to get the aim right and find the technique that worked best for each situation presented. This puts Fable the Journey into it's own bracket. I absolutely LOVED it! It was an interesting workout for the upper body too. The cutscenes were fantastic and the graphics, I believe, were well done. Of course there is room for improvement, but there isn't much to complain about with it because it was a well thought out game. I really did love it. I highly recommend this game. Just be prepared to really WORK for your victory. Stay alert and on your toes or you will not do well.

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thinking this was a fun game

posted by darkgod (WILLCOX, AZ) Jan 8, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

well i finnally got my hands on the this epic fable game thinking it would be a cool game to play but the reality of it is simply put you have to stay seated for the most of it the control sceme for the game its self is horibile and you have to get just the right postion in order to do anythiing you spend more time riding a carriage then you do figthing and when you do get to fight you ablitys are the same concept almost like driving the cart and horse they have to be precise in order to attack things when i first got it i was hopeing it would be more along the lines of casting magic spells shooting guns or bows and slashing away at people not one of the better fable games unless your in to driving a cart and horse in a race against time from a gaint looming shadow that can some how magically hurt you in just a few moves and at the end of each fleeing from the gaint shadow you have to repair your wagon and heal a horse which is not an easy task to do either you have to have a lot of patience and children under 6 should not be playing this game espiacialy if they dont want to half to sit there and try to drive at a really fast so in alll m rating this game a 4 it has a lot of rrom that could have been improved into easyiear game play for children who might actually have liked the game if it had simpler controls set up so they could at least play the game with some fun in it

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posted by Pamd (GLEN LYON, PA) May 15, 2013

Member since May 2013

This was actually a pretty fun game. I really thought it was gonna be lame but after getting the aiming down it was pretty fun. Although it is a short game it had some cool elements to it. It is also pretty cool that you can play it sitting down. Check it out if you just wanna do a random rental or a quick beat game.

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