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What did you do to the fable?

posted by gamesly (PHOENIX, AZ) Feb 12, 2011

Member since Mar 2008

11 out of 13 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

Heres a list of things wrong with the game considering you liked the fist fable game.

1. No pub games
2. Armor means nothing anymore. theres no worth its just a skin now
3. No rock trolls
4. You can only use 2 spells at once
5. No Boss fights
6. Too many collectables (gnomes,books,keys,clothes and weapons)
7. way too short. even doing all side quest.

I'm sure theres more. Those are just off the top of my head.

Graphics 6/10: Sometimes blurry during cutscenes. Animations get tiresome to watch overtime. people in the Fable world only have 3 ages, bay, toddler and adult. Lvl designs are the only up side to the graphics.

Online 4/10: While the online is better then fable 2's (it couldnt be worse) it still missing alot of things needed to make it good. For instance, both players have to be on the same screen? Really? Threre playing on there own consoles and there own tv's. Why share a screen over live? The visiting player can do nothing but watch as the host does their jobs such as playing the lute and baking. Yes baking.

Gameplay 7/10: The only problem i have with the game play is that it is way too easy. really you can beat the game by continuesly hiting any of the 3 attack button over and over. There is no penalty for dieing either. You could have a hoard of badies half dead and die the game game brings you back to life in the same spot, with the hoard still half dead. (lego game style).

replay value ?/10: It depends if you like replaying games for the soul purpose of getting collectables or not. I mean the best part of the game is the tycoon like gameplay after (spoilers.....) you become King.

I am a huge fan of the fable series. But thats all because Fable TLC was so good. Had i played 2 or 3 first i would have dropped the series a long time ago.

Over all score: 6/10 (and thats being nice out of respect out of what fable once was.)

Rent don't buy. And only if your a fan.

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GF Rating


Good but not as fun.

posted by Wallace (OZONA, TX) Dec 22, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

11 out of 13 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

First off this game did allow me to experience a new story but other than that the rest of the game didn't really appeal to me. Some of the stuff i didn't like was how i didn't really have a choice in what expressions i could use, this really annoyed me because when i wanted to randomly roar a bloody devil in front of someone, I was unable to choose seeing it only gave my three random choices of expressions. Also I didn't even change my weapon through out the entire game. In Fable 2, i changed swords, guns, and clothes but in this game I stayed in the same clothes with the same weapons only changing them when the quest said. Altogether this game gets a 6/10 for just a let down from the previous game.

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Too simple, too easy.

posted by Piratespee (HOOD RIVER, OR) Dec 29, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

15 out of 18 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

While there was a good deal of content in this game that could keep you busy for a while, I found it just too easy and not gripping enough to keep me going. I rushed to the end to send it back in.

In addition, the characters don't grab you... the story is weak. Visually, it's very nice, but it lacks depth.

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