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Above Average

fun but forgettable

posted by FotoMoto (SEATTLE, WA) Nov 9, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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This game is fun the first play through. I cannot agree with the statement that this game has high re-playability. Maybe a play through of a second time just to see what the difference would be if you took the opposite moral route, but that's it. The outcome is the same... yes the world looks differently but the outcome is the same. You're left at the end of the game trying to finish whatever quests are remaining then nothing but substantial amounts of boredom after that. You figure why even look for the silver keys, gold keys, chests, demon doors, or gnomes. What reward will I get? Another weapon comparable to the one I already have? New clothes that I can end up buying at the local clothing shop? With 27 legendary weapons of comparable strength in my sanctuary, exploration items are pointless. Therefore never leave the golden sparkling quest trail, it's just a waste of time.

This game is a definite rental.

Glitches. The game is littered with glitches. One was so bad I was perpetually stuck in a certain quest. The quest called "the game." It happened in co-op, after vaulting to the very last part, to continue hobbes spawn in front of you. The enemies never spawned and I was stuck there with no way out. Believe me I checked and re-checked, there was no way out. The game glitched and left me there in a form of fantasy prison. Even loading the last save didn't work because it saved in that area just before the enemy spawn. Since Fable III doesn't allow multiple save points I was stuck forever. I had to start a brand new game. Which you can imagine would be very frustrating after getting so far. This was just one example of many glitches I came across during game-play. Granted the worst of them.

I liked the map and sanctuary but would have liked a quick an easy menu as well. Interacting with people was frustrating in the fact that you cannot choose your expressions like before.

Finally co-op is fixed, there are issues with that too, but I'm out of characters.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Could have been WAY better...

posted by piggys (HOMEDALE, ID) Mar 13, 2011

Member since Dec 2009

12 out of 14 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

First off, the story is too short and not too exciting. It is very easy to pass (you can beat it in one day). They should have took the time to make this a better game.

They should just make another game like the first one, which is the best one in my opinion. You had to take your time on that one and it was challanging. Whats in a game if you dont get mad on a level thats really hard then finding out you needed to do something a little different?

The side quests are not exciting or really not that funny. All in the end you dont really do a huge battle. It matters how much money you have which isnt exciting at all, so might as well spend all your time doing jobs and buying real estate which is not fun at all. They also made some of the achievements needing you to go on xbox live which is really annoying. It wasn't horrible but, there is a lot of room of improvement.

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GF Rating


What happened?

posted by ZipZip509 (LITTLETON, CO) Dec 20, 2010

Member since Nov 2006

38 out of 47 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

So. Fable I and II. Compelling morality choices. Your actions actually have a measurable impact in ongoing gameplay. These games were fun! They were engaging! And the bad guys were scary and really just evil. You knew you had to take them down for the good of all humanity. Unless you were going the evil path yourself, in which case you had to take them down to get them out of your way. Regardless, you knew it was goign to be challenging, rewarding and fun.

Enter Fable III and.... what happened? Save for the very beginning, there are only the barest hints of morale choices. Kill this person... or don't. Either way, no one benefits from their death, or suffers from it - or benefits from their life either. Except that, even though there's no real impact on their lives, somehow the people of Albion decide that this means you are more qualified to lead them than the current king.

Really it just makes me want to play Fable II again. Now that was a fun game.

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