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Very Good

Definitely save the main quest for last...

posted by Threatend (ROUSES POINT, NY) Nov 18, 2010

Member since Jul 2007

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I, typically, in every game, always try to complete everything prior to the final quest. I've learned from my past mistakes on other titles. But in Fable 3, you're rather forced into completing the final quest (Part 1) to get to the aftershock effects of your decisions in Part 2. Part 1 wasn't bad at all; however, Part 2 is way too short and completely lacks substance and left me asking myself what's the point of continuing?

I had high hopes for Fable 3 and was excited to finally receive it. I dug the last 2 games, but yes they needed work. I was hoping the developers had read and taken to heart the many complaints of many gamers reviewing the previous ones. Well, they may have tried. There weren't as many glitches, that I noticed, but IMO, they fell short in gameplay.

In an attempt to not spoil anything, IMO the side quests are bland, tedious, and repetitive. The main quest, rather Part 2, is way too short and virtually pointless. I don't see any point continuing after the main quest is complete, other than to trying to obtain the weapons, clothing, etc. But, I'm also not one who plays XBox Live. I prefer to remain reclusive and complete a game in its entirety and on my own. Fable 3 forces you to play live in order to open all demon doors, to obtain all weapons and clothing, etc. I'd prefer XBox Live be an option and not a mandate. I didn't play live and therefore wasn't able to complete everything. Argh!

I believe Fable 4 needs more focus, whether on battle or running an empire. The fighting is way too easy and the ruling is quite banal. And, Reaver and Logan need to remain in the end. There just needs to be more focus or something...

It's definitely worth a rental, and I put days of playing time into it and had fun, for the most part, as it is rather funny seeing 2+ wives together in the same room. But I stuffed the game back in the Gamefly envelope yesterday, feeling disappointed yet anxious for Fable 4.

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Fable lll OK?

posted by Zorander04 (WALNUT COVE, NC) Nov 6, 2010

Member since Sep 2006

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I loved the first Fable, and the Second just as well. The third however is not living up to the hipe. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the game but it has a few problems. Lionhead should have spent a little more time working out the fine details. Nothing major mind you, but if you try to work one of the many jobs prepare to be frustrated. The speed in which you have to keep up with the proper commands will be hindered by the game stalling for just a split second. It will be enough to cause a mistake and back to the low paying starting point you go. This is a problem that shows up a little bit in other areas of the game but doesn't hinder what your trying to do as much. I thought maybe it could be my system but I few friends have had the same problem as well. I agree with one of the other users reviews on one point as well, Lionhead should have kept it mid-evil. Bringing you into the begining of the industrial era does not fit the Fable vibe.

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NOT for Fable fans!

posted by jafstraycat (THOMPSON FALLS, MT) Jun 20, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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Allow me to preface this by saying that I am a huge Fable fan.
I played Fable to death. There were so many different ways to play it.
Fable II? Not bad for a sequel, but not as good as the first. Still... pretty decent over all and stayed true to the original.

Enter Fable III... What the heck was that all about?

If you're a fan of Fable, you probably won't like this one. They totally lost sight of what was so appealing about Fable.
The moral choices you can make are limited. The weaponry, potions, magic, food... all limited in choice and quantity. The missions are mostly trite and pointless. The ability to interact with the people is also very limited.

Fable took me well over a week to finish the first time. Its replay value was immense and ever so fun to make character decisions.

Fable II was worth playing, too. It took less time to finish than Fable, but was worth it. It also had some replay value to see what kind of changes you could make with your character.

Fable III was completed in 12 hours. Replay value is almost nil.

If you're a fan of Fable, you probably will be highly disappointed in this most recent release of the game.
If you've never played Fable, you may like it... but probably not.

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