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Just as you remember it...

posted by 00cappello (MONETA, VA) Apr 10, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

If you've ever played the original Fable, then you are really not missing out on much. The graphics are a little better, if you're okay with clunky frame-rates. A few more features have been added, along with an expansion that includes a new map that was not in the original Fable.

Honestly, I would personally consider Fable: Anniversary more of a "patch" or "update" to the the original Fable. It's just has a few (literally, a very limited number) of new features. That is it...

I would recommend this game to those who have not had the chance to play the original Fable because the story line is good, although do not expect too much else from it if you are a gamer from this era. I would also recommend it to those who wish to revisit the "good old days" of Fable. Just be warned, it's almost exactly as you remembered it.

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Really Bad

bad so called redo

posted by drifter848 (RED HOOK, NY) Apr 4, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

to call this remastered and to charge 50 dollars for this is criminal the framerate is so bad its literly like playing a slideshow they didn't do enough to this to warrant 40 for a game you can buy from the bargain bin for 99 cents remember the old good memories from the original and leave this alone or youll ruin those fond memories lionshead after fable3 has been one mess and rip off after another I loved 1 and 2 and liked 3 but thiey have lost any credibility as a aaa top tier developer time for them to resign from rpgs and make bad Kinect titles

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A Fable Better Left Untold

posted by Breazy (PORT ORCHARD, WA) Mar 27, 2014

Member since Oct 2013

Fable Anniversary is another game in the recent run of "HD Remakes" from generations past. Unfortunately, it's one of the weakest I've played and is a good reminder that sometimes games are better left in your memory.

If you aren't familiar with Fable, it's an action game with light RPG elements scattered in. Choices are big in Fable. Just about every decision/action you make is weighed on a morality scale, ultimately leading to an evil, good, or neutral version of your hero. If you're the type to save a pokey puppy, you'll be adored by the citizens of Albion. If you're the type to kick that puppy, citizens will cower in fear and boo. You may have noticed I didn't lead with story...that's because it's really a throwaway to give you a reason to explore the systems within the game. The game runs around 8-12 hours depending on your play style.

If all this sounds good, well, it is. The problem is the game hasn't aged well, particularly in the mechanical department. Combat is still sluggish/mashy-boring and the camera can be outright frustrating in tight areas. There were times where I felt like returning the game because I was so annoyed with the combat while fighting a hoard of blocking enemies. Leveling up is simplistic. Graphics are better than the original Fable, but pale in comparison to newer releases on the aged Xbox 360. It should also be noted that the game completely locked up my Xbox 360 two times while playing, which has been noted in other reviews. Thank goodness for autosave.

Fable Anniversary, much like the original, is a game that strives to be something great but falls short of that goal. It's a fable better left untold.

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