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GF Rating


The Game Itself is Good..

posted by Mudaro (RICEVILLE, TN) Mar 2, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

..But unfortunately it doesn't seem they did enough bug testing before they sent this game out, because everyone is experiencing low FPS drops and Xbox freezing. I've read that most if not all players are having their Xbox freeze after about 30 minutes of playing. I loved the original Fable and technically speaking the game is very well executed and lives up to the original, but the lag and freezing renders the game unplayable (as said by someone else). Maybe they are able to eventually fix and patch the game, and it will one day run smooth without freezing, but until then I give this a 3 rating. The game itself I would give a 9/10.

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Very poor frame rates render the game unplayable

posted by Phatsnake (NEW YORK, NY) Feb 12, 2014

Member since Apr 2012

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I hope the game gets patched, but as of right now Fable Anniversary struggles to stay in a playable frames rate. The base FPS is low and it constantly drops to what feels like single digits. It feels like a slideshow.

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A Great Remake

posted by CrazyGamer2186 (LUCERNE VALLEY, CA) Apr 26, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

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Fable has been one of those series that is hailed for great game ideas but does it in one of those if it is a gem that you like or don't like kind of game. In 2004 it debuted on the original xbox to both great fanfare and let downs but in the end became a great decent series on the xbox systems. Anyway this is a great remake besides Halo Combat Evolved for Xbox 360.

Story is the same you a hero who loses his family and has to stop a great threat know as Jack of Blades from rebuilding the world in his evil image that everyone knows back in the day. The game also bundles the Lost Chapters content to. With the upgraded graphics the game story and presentation is way better than it was 10 years ago.

Gameplay is largely the same as before but with a bit of a few new touches. It has the 360 achievements, one of which is made by a game fan which is cool. Another is combat is a bit more fluid but still clunky as it was back in the day. Save system is a more simplified checkpoint and autosaves with also a manual saves at anytime instead of the annoying world save and hero save system of before. (one which saves the game as it was before and the other as a lame checkpoint) Besides all that it is the same as it was before.

Graphics and sound gets an upgrade. Lionhead Studios made use of the Unreal 3 Engine to give the game a great makeover. Graphics is at a 1080p 30 frames a second but once in a while the frame rate does take a little hit. Also the game is not really made for anything but a HDTV. Both is not that bad. Sound is a great remastered 5.1 surround mix that is just great both music and audio wise.

All in all this is a great remake and is great for all fans of the fable series. If you are looking for a great RPG game then this would be a decent try, unless you want something more than easy than this is not that RPG then.

Overall I give this game a complete 10 out of 10.

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