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Very Good

could have been better

posted by souldnacer (HALLSVILLE, TX) Oct 24, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

the game over all is really good. i miss a lot of the things from the first one.
such as the eye telling you when your people watched by other people. im not very far in the game maybe 3 hours but a few things iv seen is that
the cam sucks, they give you a glowing yellow line to follow which can be hard to see. and the loading all the time really bugs me too. the child hood story was really under played im looking for a faster way to make money now -
i love that they gave you a dog this time makes the game neat. they way the dog helps find the little things that would normal be easily looked over. so far he hast been to helpful in fighting though. i read you can have kids which is soo cool. you can SWIM too great for those missed jumps lol....

over all it seam to be a game i will play whenere i can and i will be buying it soon.

souldancer747. yahoo

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GF Rating


Fable 2 stays true

posted by Vaderis (COLUMBUS, OH) Oct 24, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

No question here... Fans of the original game will love the new installation. I've been playing it for two days and have fully enjoyed the new and improved graphics, items, and solid gameplay. All of the old favorite characteristics exist in the game as well - the humor (sometimes subliminal, sometimes outspoken), the side jobs, and the same sense of adventure in a larger region to explore. Unfortunately the sketchy targeting system also followed Fable 2, but if you're used to this like I am from the first one, you'll see that it feels just the same. Overall a solid and extrememly entertaining RPG/Adventure.

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Even better than the first!!!

posted by Jumpman (COTTAGE GROVE, OR) Oct 24, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

This game is great there is so many things that you can do. Now you can get married have kids get a job as a blacksmith you can buy houses buy stores. with this game there are endless things that you can do. The game is longer than the first it also has way better graphics. And now there are a lot more effect depending on what you do when you`re a kid. And also this time around you can have guns and it is very fast to switch between guns to swords to magic. So in one battle you can switch between guns to swords to magic so fast you won`t get attacked by the enemies while you switch. So pretty much this game is the best around right now so I suggest you buy it.

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