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I really liked this one... bugs and all

posted by Desstl (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Dec 30, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

66 out of 73 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

I saw this game was coming out so I rented and played through the first one before getting this one. Although looking back it was completely unnecessary it was still a fun experience. Fable 2 as has been said before is a game of action and consequence. Like a villager or 4? take'em back to your place but be careful... You could soon have a child on the way. Shop owner giving you grief or jacking up prices just cause you slapped him/her for checking you out? Buy the store and guarantee a good price. Feel the need to own every building in every town? Well you can pretty much do that too. Just don't want to go out monster bashing and rather hang out in a bar an see how drunk you can get well you can do that too. From hated criminal to beloved hero the world is your to shape and mold as you see fit.

Wit only a few draw back and missed opportunities this is a solid game that will give you hours of enjoyment in solo play and many more in co-op mode.
1. Wide open game play. Do pretty much whatever you want when ever you want.

2. Nice array of weapons and powers. Leaves room for improvement.

3. DLC and innovative way to get in game goodies.

4. Impressive graphics and sounds

5. Giving you a useful items sniffing companion was a nice touch. Although he's not dogmeat in a fight. As long as you listen out for him you'll never run by a silver key or treasure chest.


1. occasional graphic problems. Environments sometimes load slowly or not completely. game may freeze going in an out of cutscences. (On my second play through now and I've had to shutdown the console about 4 times)

2. Took out the ablity to display trophies in your house. (or at least I haven't found anywhere you could.) I was hoping that would have added display cases for legendary weapons.

3. in-game map sux. I like the ability to pull up a map and see exactly whats there and to set a wp exactly where I want to go. Not just the closest intercetion or load point.

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Zelda with a dash of The Sims = a remarkable game

posted by Jonasty (WALTHAM, MA) Oct 24, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

82 out of 99 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

To start let me say that I do love this game and it has been a lot of fun so far. The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is intuitive and fun. As many have said, having the dog is a total bonus to the gameplay and overall feel of the game. It really does seem to deliver on the promise of being able to do whatever you want. There are some issues that I agree with the other posters on. The map/GPS system sucks. You can only access it in the pause menu and there's no zoom or pan function so unless you sit right up with the face on the screen, its pretty much useless. There is not nearly as much free-roaming in the game that you would expect from the back of the box saying roam anywhere. Most noticeably of this is the lack of random baddies to fight on the roads. It really is mission driven it feels like as far as getting to test the combat system.
While it does have its issues, the game still delivers on the fun. While the combat is simplistic, that doesn't change the over fun of combat. It doesn't get old and its still fun to hack and shoot everyone around you. The social interactions are basic and easy to master yet they don't really ever lose their appeal as the game goes on.
What it really boils down to is this: Fable 2 is a great game and a truly enjoyable RPG but its a very simplified format. Its has a lot of fun choices and mechanics in the game, but its not Oblivion in the sense that its not that complicated. Leveling up requires a very easy and simple choice of a few selections. Weapons, items, clothing, buying/selling, all of these aspects are fun and intuitive but none of them are overly complicated. Fable 2 is simply a really fun, immersive and enjoyable RPG that strives to make itself appealing and easy to grasp for all gamers.
If you're expecting an Oblivion-level RPG that adds a lot of detail and micro-manageable character setup, you'll probably be better served by waiting a week and trying Fallout 3. For a fun RPG exp, Fable 2 is your game.

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Beethoven's Lost Symphony!!!

posted by B3H3M0TH (TUSTIN, CA) Oct 20, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

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What can I say?

An Incredible Game indeed!

It is a Masterpiece

It is like Beethoven’s Lost Symphony!

Fable 2 has everything that Fable didn't have and then some.

A lot has been added just to name some examples: You can ~ Free Roam, Swim, Buy Everything in the World of Albion: Caves,/Dungeons,/Houses/C- astles/Chapels/Businesses each with its own unique side quest, everything you do has a consequence on the world around you…..literally, the towns/cities/villages/peo- ple will change according to the choices you make.

For example say you come across a small trading settlement somewhere around Albion you can choose to invest in the settlement which will prosper in the years to come leading to a small city or huge city depending on how much you give, or you can take a darker path and slaughter all of the traders in which case the small settlement would later become ruins infested with enemies.

One of the big things you will come across before starting the game is your choice to finally be able to choose between being a Male or Female Hero.

A lot has also changed in the combat system letting you use literally hundreds of weapons from swords to crossbows and even guns. The Magic system is incredible each spell is nicely crafted in its own unique way.

Now to close up this review, Fable 2 is 10x the size of Fable, completely full roam able. It is the greatest RPG game of this Year and hopefully Next Year Also.

I Highly suggest that you Buy this game because you will literally play it for Hours and Hours.

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