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Easy way to become good.

A easy way to become good in Fable 2 is to give citizens of Albion gold. If you give someone $100, 000, you get 1000 purity points. People Don't run away from you in fear.

Fable 2 Easy Money

In Fable 2 every five minutes (in real time) your charecter earns your rent for your houses. This is kept track of on your Xbox 360 clock. All you need to do is set your Xbox 360 clock forward and before you know it you'll be swiming in gold coins.

Infinite Experience

NOTE: This will only work on an unpatched version of the game. Once you get into Bowerstone Market walk to Town Square. You'll find a potion shopkeeper on the left. Walk around the right side of the buildings there and down an alley to find a house known as Monster Manor. Sleep in this manor to gain its benefit (+1 star of Physique). After you gain this benefit, go to your abilities list, select physique and hit Y to unlearn it. You will find that the bonus star from the house does not disappear, but the experience is given to you anyway. You can repeat this process over and over, the more stars you have in physique the more exp you get each time. This experience is general experience and can be applied to any skills.

Infinite Experience 2

Wait until your character is a bit leveled up. Plug a second controller into your Xbox 360 and begin a co-op game without using a second profile. Using the second controller, go to your henchman's abilities and discard all of them, returning the experience to the pool. Quit out of the co-op game and you'll find that all the experience has been transfered to your hero. This trick can be repeated as much as you like. Your co-op henchman will have the same abilities that you do, so the stronger the hero the more abilities there are to sell off and thus more experience.

Lionhead Studios Logo Easter Egg

In Blood Stone you'll find a hooker on the east side. She will turn green when you are near, indicating that you can purchase from her. Press A. A menu comes up and you can buy the Lionhead Studios logo and show it off using the trophy command.

Lionhead Studios Island Easter Egg

In the Treasure Island of Doom side quest the Lionhead Studios Lion can be found once you get to the treasure island. Look at the island in the middle of the lake and it is in the shape of the Studio's Lionhead logo.