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FIFA Soccer 2005


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Also on:GBA, GC, Xbox
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Good volley

Press L2 then Circle to chip then volley the ball in a unique way.

Good skill

To do good skill, press L2 and move the Right Analog-stick in any direction. You can do nutmegs


When you have the ball take on all the defenders until your one on one with the keeper if he rushes you press L1 and circle and you will chip the keeper.

Great shots

at the half way line hold L2 and circle and your shot will go on target 9 times out of 10!


If your fed up with your through balls being cut out then try pressing L1 and Triangle it will produce a unique chip through the defense.

Score an easy goal from penalty

If you want to score an easy goal from a penalty, just tap Circle with no direction pressed. You will nearly always score.

Team selection in career mode

If you can't find your team in a region in career mode, choose that team as your "Own Team" in your profile in My FIFA 2005. You will then find that team listed first in its current region.

Skip music/EA Trax

Click the Right Analog-stick to skip the current playing song. This can be done in every screen that is playing the EA Trax, except during loading and saving the game.

Easy goals

You can score easy goals by crossing from the side and pressing Circle for a bicycle kick/header (90% success rate).

Easy goals

Turn the right analog button to do wicked tricks like stepovers jamaican roles even flick overs then score with style

Perfect corners

When your taking a corner, select driven and choose the player closest to the goal, and back off from your marker. When the cross comes in, run in and head the ball towards the goal, and you should score.