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cant wait

posted by jack6886 (RIVERSIDE, CA) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

so excised

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Above Average

kick for the goal

posted by trex6504 (HAZLE TOWNSHIP, PA) Jan 14, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

I had recently played this game and thought it fell a little flat. Ea sports tried to make this game a 11 on 11 game plus a little like fifa street and it just doesnt work. The controls for the wii are pretty easy to use move with the nunchuk and shoot with the b button and pass with the a button. The games modes are pretty boring especially the street to soccer pro mode. The graphics on this game are looking really good, being able to see player animations and the fields and fans look really nice to. If you are a soccer fan I would highly recommend waiting for fifa 13 or later to see if ea sports can make the necessary improvements to make this series a truly good game.

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Above Average

Some Great, Some Okay

posted by cubyank (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Apr 13, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

The full-team soccer games were a little bland, but my son and I really liked the 5-on-5 "Street Ball" matches. They gave us much more action as if playing indoor soccer.

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Above Average

Misses the goal by quite a bit

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 8, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Jan 2008

Soccer – it’s one really old game that has a large following all over the world. So naturally, it’s a good choice for a videogame.
FIFA Soccer 12 gives players the basics of soccer – from the passing to the shooting to the ball dribbling across the field. But there isn’t much improvement over last year’s installment.
There are differences to be sure, but those include an award section that lets you populate a city and build buildings over that city.
But the gameplay benefits from getting these awards are almost none; there’s an intercity championship that is unlocked after you get a set of awards.
But the gameplay is the same across all fields. If you’ve played FIFA Soccer 11, then you’ve played this game. The controls are all the same, the fields are the same, and the graphics are the same.
And yes, just like last year, there are no online features that let you play with or against someone outside your home.
But it doesn’t mean this version is bad. If you can get used to the controls, and have luck on your side, then you can score quite a few goals in a match (just make sure that you set each half to five minutes). It’s always a joy to see a great pass lead to a wonderful shot and goal.
But it’s just as annoying to see the opposing team get cheap goals because the AI teammates blow their assignments.
FIFA Soccer 12 will please the loyal fans of Soccer, but it will not excite anyone who doesn’t follow the sport. RENT IT.

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GF Rating


Game doesnt work

posted by 13jimenezmarcos (GIDDINGS, TX) Dec 7, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

the game doesnt work so if yall can ship the next one ill ship fifa 12 back becase it didnt work

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