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GF Rating

Above Average

It's basic soccer - take it or leave it

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 17, 2010

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Soccer - it’s the most popular sport in the world (but not here in the US). With great sports come great games. Or sort of great games. FIFA Soccer 11 (for the Wii) gives fans of the sport a whole lot to cheer for.
In this game, you get several tournaments to compete in - from the World Cup to the MLS to several in the English leagues.
You also get a rags to riches mode where you bring up a player from the five on five street soccer and make your way to the big time eleven on eleven stadium soccer.
You get the standard quick play for street soccer and stadium soccer.
And you get to play the a street game or stadium game online - something missing from many Wii sports games.
But when you get through all these options, how is the actual gameplay? It depends on which mode you pick: Street or Stadium.
The Street soccer is smaller and gives powerups which increases the scoring. This is for those of uslooking for an arcade style of playing. But if you want to play in a tournament, you can’t do it here.
The Stadium, on the other hand is for the purists of the sport; you get eleven on eleven play on the vast field - and scoring is much, much lower. It gets so low that through 15 games, I gave up 12 goals and scored 7 (and that’s with two 2-0 games and with the max 5 minutes per half). Most of the time was spent running up and down the field trying to set up an attack (or preventing the other team from attacking). The lack of offense made the game dull and boring for me - I was hoping to get some more goals than a little over 1 per match.
FIFA Soccer 11 is the game to pick up - if you are a hardcore fan of the sport. But there’s very little here to get those of us who are not fans of the sport to jump on board. RENT IT.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

a miss

posted by betodas (CAPE CORAL, FL) Nov 15, 2010

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Maybe this title is a 8 or 9 if it's the only soccer game you have played. But after playing FIFA 11 for the PS3 (or XBOX360), it obvious the difference in hardware. I have FIFA 11 for the PS3 but figured I would rent it for the Wii for my kids. Even they were disgusted. I know this review should be about how the game performs and not how it compares to other consoles. But it feels like a PS1 game.

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GF Rating


worst game ever made

posted by threaldeal (ORLANDO, FL) Oct 7, 2010

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worst game ever made

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GF Rating



posted by muchicharito14 (VAN NUYS, CA) Nov 9, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

I've had this game for about 2 months. I am addicted to it. This game is A+++

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game!!!!!!!!

posted by Sportio (ROSEBURG, OR) Aug 27, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

Loved stretts to stadiams for Wii great controls great gameplay love all the teams ive had this game for 3 weeks. Get the game

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GF Rating


totally disapointing

posted by barcadinho (CHEVY CHASE, MD) Oct 15, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

i have been a fan of the EA fifa series for years and this game has really made me lose a lot of the respect i had for the series. this game makes even the simplest phases of the game (i.e passing) quite difficult. as someone who was able to win some ultimate team tournaments on legend difficulty in fifa 10, i find it nearly impossible to score goals on the professional difficulty in the new game unless playing with the great teams in the game. i played an entire season in mls and every game was 1-0 or 0-0. completely unrealistic. now there are certainly some improvements including goal celebrations with teammates, shielding with strength and it is easier to defend than the last game, but this game is incredibly frustrating to score goals if you are not one of the top teams, and that is lame. also a friend of mine and i had trouble with multiplayer where every 2 or 3 games the game would freeze when loading on both of our systems meaning it was the game at fault. i am not one to usually complain, but i have been totally disappointed with this game after anticipating its release for months. and at this point there is no ultimate team option which was probably the best thing about fifa 10. my recommendation is to skip the purchase of this game and wait till next year. shame on you EA Sports.

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