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Fifa has really stepped it up - Good luck PES

posted by Kamakazee (BELLEVUE, WA) Oct 20, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

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I've been a long running fan of Fifa like a lot of people dating back since Fifa 93. I've seen the series progress a lot since then and each year, the releases have grown. This year however, has been a huge leap forward, even from Fifa 08. Let me tell you why.

1) Player Controls/Fluidity: The game just feels right. The players move as expected, animations are stellar and the play just feels awesome. I've been a PES fan as well (yes i had phase where i lost respect for Fifa) but i must say they have come back strong. This time around, the gameplay feels alot more fluid than PES 2009 (Comparing it to the Demo). The ball doesn't stick to the players, headers are actually taking into account player physics/size and the passing is great. Its awesome to see your AI buddy indicate where to pass the ball while they make a run.

2) Much better AI: The AI in Fifa 09 is awesome. Even though i've owned Fifa 08 on Pro, playing intermediate in 09 is quite a challenge. I've not experimented much with the tactical changes they've made with the new Slider system to control play just yet. But i still have lots of fun.

3) Be A Pro - team play. This is the killer feature for the year. I thought Be a pro was boring in Fifa 08. Played one match and left it. Now, i've been playing Be a pro for 3 days and just can't get enough of it. Its awesome when you co-ordinate tactics with people over voice chat and when you make a cross with which your striker scores, its just an awesome feeling that you just dont get with playing with the AI. Team play has been taken to the next level.

With other small additions like the addidas live season (You get updates for leagues affecting in game players based on real life stats and form), Great Graphics, awesome audio and ZERO lag during online play this is a MUST buy.

I'm keepin it form game fly as i already own Fifa 08. But i'm trading that in to keep this for sure.

If its anything, Be a pro will keep you occupied HOURS at a time!


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Great Game

posted by sammyray (RIVER EDGE, NJ) Mar 29, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

EA has definetly outdone itself with FIFA 09 the game play is smooth, the graphics are amazing. The live update is excellent extra. The new update is kinda neat to the Ultimate Team where you can trade players to create the best team. The only downside to this game is the refrees are too quick to card you, especially after playing the advantage. Online mode is loads of fun. Created player adds in an extra challange. I've loved EA's FIFA since the begining and continue to do so. I advise you to either rent or purchase this game you will be hooked

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Nearly perfect!

posted by DruDrizzle (STOCKTON, CA) Mar 8, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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EA has done it again. THe newest edition to the FIFA franchise does not disappoint. The gameplay is fluid and the controls are easy.

yes there is an endless amount of dribble moves and differnert kicks to memorize, but that is half the fun. It is rare that I play a match and do not witness something that I have not seen before.

Be A Pro is almost perfect. Updated roster and real life skills make it feel like you are actually there.

Players and stadiums are superb. Sometimes I like just watching the stadium shots during a game.

Online play is second to none. There are limitless amounts that one can do during a match. Wanna play team vs. team- no prob, wanna be one of 20 people playing on the pitch- no prob.

Online game play is always realistic. If a player had a bad week his ratings will be negatively affected thus he will not play as well.

This is the closest that you will get to playing/being at a real match.

EA I commend you for not making this an easy game to learn. That you trusted people to learn and enjoy the creation that you have made.

Congratulations on the Best SPorts Game in History!

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