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Very Good

Good game, but not enough new content

posted by Cortelll (BELLE, WV) Oct 21, 2008

Member since May 2006

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First of all, I have been playing Fifa since it first came out on 93. The game version form this year compare to last year is a lot better when it comes to playing ability. However if you compare the game manager options to the Fifa 08 options you really don't find much new content.

The graphics are good, and the celebrations are original, but that and the new player roles is all that is new in this Fifa 09 version.

If you like soccer, this will definitely be a game that you will greatly enjoy, but I wish it had more in depth manager options, like create restaurants, order new Uniforms, build your stadium with a little more customization(seated seats, roof, goals, size of field, size of stadium, restaurants, etc), and be able to hire more custom scouts, or coaches, instead of just a bar from 1-10 to upgrade them.

Overall, a great game, but can be much better next time around.

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You Don't Even Have to Like Soccer

posted by notthatguy (BOSSIER CITY, LA) Jan 24, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is one of the best games I've rented in a long time. It has been in my console for about a month straight now, and I still haven't explored all of the different types of features of this game. Of course, the reason is I can't stop playing the game in manager mode because it is so freakin' fun to me. My wife even got into it! We don't do well playing together in one match, so I play a match, and then she plays one. I did play around with that whole "Be a Pro" mode, and I decided real quick it wasn't my thing. Also, I haven't even dared to explore any online games because I don't think I'm skilled enough to face those dedicated FIFA soldiers.

Anyway, you don't even have to like soccer to get into this game! I was VERY skeptical about renting this game to begin with, and I can tell you that whether you live for the game, the FIFA franchise, or could care less, it has a way of grabbing you and not letting go!

It has smart intuitive controls along with the A.I. Also, the controls are simple for people who wish the controls to remain simple, yet advanced moves are available if you wish to explore them. The A.I. is incredible, and sometimes made me feel like the stupid one. The difficulty levels are significant, at least to me. Once "amateur" became way too easy, I bumped it up one to "semi-pro" and I instantly found myself in a struggle to survive. Of course, I have modified my techniques, but I have not yet become good enough to raise it again. The graphics are decent (in HD) however, if you have a SD TV, and anything smaller than a 32" then you may be disappointed with the graphics along with the size of the players. The players are very small so you can see the playing field better (the players are larger in "Be a Pro" mode), but I think you will find yourself wishing you could see your player better, especially if you have older eyes. Anyway, I could go on and on, but I clicked "Keep It", and have become an FIFA addict.

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Soccer at its best!!! (For Now)

posted by Colbrain (KANSAS CITY, MO) Oct 16, 2008

Member since Sep 2006

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game is the best soccer game their has ever been. Better that Euro and 08. the changes they have made are great. It is still hampered by the AI letting balls go out of bounds, but who cares it will be your ball. Goalies make great saves even though they are pretty fast at getting to where the ball is, they just run you over. Just play this game and you will most likely like it. If you liked the demo then this will be way better.

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