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posted by zebra1212 (CUMMING, GA) Sep 28, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

never ever rent this game is so incredibley retarted all you do is kick dribble and pass and you can braley play two DONT EVER RENT :(

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Really Bad


posted by Moose872 (GLENDALE, AZ) Nov 14, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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I have yet to be disappointed with a Nintendo Wii game, but after two days of playing Fifa 08 for the Wii, I think we have a winner.

To start, I love soccer and have been nothing but impressed with the Fifa 08 games, but the impression I got from this was that they took an empty disc, tossed it in a lawn mower for a good 20 minutes, then printed Fifa Soccer 08 on it.

The controls are overall confusing, with many different moves being activated by two buttons. The shot power lacks diversity. In previous games, you could had a whole bar of power and your shot could land anywhere on it. In this game, you only have low power, medium, and high.
Another thing about the shot is that you used to have to get it just right and would make amazing shots from far out. Now the shots are so generalized and the goalies are so good that every shot has to be really close.

The online play is just plain frustrating because it has a huge lag. And I'm not writing a bad review because I keep losing. I've won every game in the season mode (about 15 games) and have a win rating of 50% in online mode.

Like most wii games, it uses the whole 'jerking your arm off and flinging the remote out the window and into your neighbor's pool' motion sensor thing. You use it to shoot, which is difficult to get a hang of, and to slide tackle, which is just as confusing.

The game does feature a few good qualities from previous Fifa games, but I was pretty disappointed with this. If you have another system and are planning on getting 08, use the other system.

If you really want a soccer game for the wii, go for Super Mario Strikers, the controls are much friendlier, you can jump right into it, and you can still get really good with practice.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

I love soccer and this game let me down

posted by knightnort (GEORGETOWN, DE) Oct 13, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

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First of all soccer is my favorite sport and yes I'm an American. FIFA 08 started off good. I played the training academy to start off with so I could get used to the Wii controls. It was alright but exhausting after a while. Some trick shots were too hard and sometimes it would say flick the controller right and you'd actually need to flick it right. A bug but I got over it.

What really kills this game? Not the graphics. They were actually ok considering the Wii. I'd rather a game be fun to play then be nothing but graphics. And that's where FIFA 08 for the Wii goes bad. Nothing fun to play. The in game is relatively non interesting. Now get this - you can only play friendlies because their is no season mode. No season??? No career... No franchise play!!! I'm utterly confused. How far do you have to go back to find any EA game that doesn't have a season mode? 199?.

The side games were okay. Clearly made for family play or party play. But if I wanted a party game I would have rented Mario Party or something like that.

So here are my playing options. I can play a friendly by myself where the game and stats don't count or I can play a friendly online.

What's the point of having all of the leagues in a game if you don't have the fun things like player trades and contract negotiations? Where's the fun in playing your rival twice a season or battling to get into a higher division. Their is no drama in only being able to play one game and that's it. This is seriously the type of game that will bring the Wii down. I think it's close to time where I hack the system or give it to my little nephews.

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