Rent FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup for Xbox 360
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FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup

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Gameplay Controls

FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup

Directional Pad Quick Menu
Left Thumbstick Move
Right Thumbstick All Out Attack (Click)
R Trigger Sprint

Right Thumbstick First Touch. Skill Moves.
A Button Pass. Header.
B Button Shoot. Header.
X Button Cross. Long Pass. Cross (Double-Tap).
Y Button Through Pass
L Button Fake Dribble Moves. Fake Shot. Pass. Cross. Lob. Dummy to Self/Teammate.
R Button Pace Control. Stop Ball.
L Trigger Trigger Run
Combo #1 L Trigger + A (Double-Tap) = One-Two Pass (Ground)
Combo #2 L Trigger + A, X = One-Two Pass (Lob)
Combo #3 L Trigger + B = Chip Shot
Combo #4 L Trigger + X (Double-Tap) = Early Cross
Combo #5 L Trigger + X = Low Cross
Combo #6 L Trigger + Y = Chip Through Pass

A Button Switch Player
B Button Conservative Tackle. Mark Player (Hold).
X Button Sliding Tackle
R Button Walk Defense
L Trigger Call in Secondary Defender (Hold)

Left Thumbstick Move. Aim Kick or Throw.
A Button Throw
B Button Drop Kick
X Button Drop Kick
Y Button Drop Ball. Keeper Charge (Hold).