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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

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Despite crashing my PS it's not too bad...

posted by GFR013 (MERRIFIELD, VA) Feb 14, 2009

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This is the only game I recall that has caused my PS to lock up, and on top of that the first time I rebooted it said "drive not found". It's an original 60G model so maybe it's just starting to show its age and it wasn't the game's "fault".

Anyway, as mentioned in the title, once I got the machine up and running again and was able to finish the game it wasn't bad. Also, looking at my score from the original (6) it was a little bit of an improvement. The graphics are exactly what we have come to expect of this gen of games. The level of detail and the little touches, like blood and water splatter, are great. As are the hallucination scenes peppered throughout the game. The ability to knock over things for cover and the "slow-mo" effect are nice touches too. Driving the power armor is also a ton of fun :D The enemy AI is good, for the most part. They would make good use of cover and try to flank you, but occasionally they would just stand there toe-to-toe and try to shoot it out with you[1]. This is where the game really shines though, as you start to do damage to the enemies it would show. For example, shoot them in the leg and they start limping around.

I do have to buck the trend of the reviews so far though. I didn't find it all that scary. Perhaps I'm just jaded after years of horror/thriller movies but while the flashbacks and some of the scenes were certainly gory, I didn't find them all that horrific. Additionally, perhaps it has been too long since playing the first, but I found the story a little hard to follow in places. Finally, I found the controls a little jerky at times.

I'm just now getting into online play and I didn't really try that out but there seems to be plenty of options there to keep you going once you finish the campaign. Overall though I would recommend this as a rental and maybe a purchase after a price drop.

[1] This may change as you play the different difficulties, which you are able to change midgame

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Very Good

Great game but Typical Sequel...Check it Out

posted by SirDiggs28 (WINCHESTER, VA) Feb 13, 2009

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This game has been hyped up a good deal. Alot of people have downloaded the demo from the Playstation Store and most have good things to say about it. Personally I was very excited to get this game today, I instantly grabbed a drink, some snacks and settled in for a long night.

To begin with the graphics are just okay, nothing to spectacular. There is some minor lag when the screen gets filled up with enemies. The story is great for anyone who is enamored with the franchise, but at the same time this game could be picked up by anyone who has never played this series before and have a pretty good understanding with what's going on. My first gripe with this game was that it was a little short, I beat it in about 7 hours. Now I know that games are getting shorter and shorter every year, but I still think at 60.00 a pop, a game should be at least 10 hours.

My second complaint is the fact that I didn't die once. I played on Normal difficulty and never once died. I'm no video game master at all but to make it through a game in one setting without dying once? The AI could be a little bit smarter. Sometimes the enemies will run and duck for cover, other times they will stand in the open like a deer caught in headlights. The weapon selection is good and the dialogue is good also. My last complaint is that I didn't jump or flinch once, unlike the first Fear game for the PS3 which scared me quite a bit.

All in all it really is a good game though, I just prefer to focus on the bad since most everyone will be focusing on the good. By all means check it out. FEAR 2 is going to be a great game for anyone with some downtime over the weekend or if you have a sick day from work to burn up.

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Very Good

Shooter of all shooters

posted by Driftingas (BINGHAMTON, NY) Feb 13, 2009

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F.E.A.R 2 is an amazing shooter,very fast paced,I enjoy the story line as well. The AI is advanced making it an addictive game.The online side of the game is average as far as the eye can see but aside from that. its worth renting playing on hard and keeping for a few weeks

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