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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin


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GF Rating


Pretty good

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Feb 12, 2009

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I never played FEAR one before, but i obviously heard it was pretty scary and fun to play. I think this game still has that. Ive heard some people say that this game isnt scary, but atleast for me, its pretty scary. If you dont get scared that easily you prouble wont like the scare factor of this game, but thats not the only thing unike about this game. One thing i told right off the bat that is really unike about this game is you can flip over furnature to make it cover. But the funny thing about it is that the computer does this too and sometimes it flips over a really small table or something you can kill him really easy. I think that campaign mode is pretty good in depth. The best thing about this game is that everybody you kill splatters an amazing amount of blood everywhere and is pretty close to how much blood is in Gears 2. The graphics are pretty good, not quite the best ive seen, but you deffidently wont hate them. The online mode is pretty average and prouble not something youll play as much as online for Call of Duty or something like that. So overall this game is really nice and just a few things that couldve been furter upgraded. If you want to try this game out a bit before you try it, you can download this demo on Xbox Live. So you really should try this game out and it would be a nice buy.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very fun sequel

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Feb 11, 2009

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Everything I loved about the first F.E.A.R. is back in it's very solid single player campaign/story. I have not played much multiplayer so I won't say much about that except that they took out the slow-mo, which brings it down in my opinion-makes it too much every other multiplayer out there. The slow-mo made it stand out in player v player.

The best parts in single player, however, take many forms from great slow-mo bullet time reactions, smart enemy A.I. that actively (and often successfully on harder difficulties) tries to flush you out with grenades and tactics, a tremendous amount of fantastic gore and enemy conversation that can be down right funny at times (as you're injecting them with bullets). The weapons are satisfying and my favorite shotgun in any video game is back with tremendous effect. I LOVE IT. The sound design in this game is also the best advocate for why you want surround sound-absolutely the best.

The levels are extremely straight forward and while that isn't always a bad thing, some choice may have been nice in a roadblocked/fenced off city that for some reason, you can't jump over that van. There are also "hitches" in the game play that seem to halt the game for split seconds at a time. It is a bit distracting-it often hapens as the game highlights an interactive object coming into range. The graphics themselves are a little flat/grainy on the 360 that I didn't see in the PC. Minor problems to what is, at its core, a great FPS. I really liked it.

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