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F-Zero GX

Not Rentable
GF Rating

549 ratings

Gameplay Controls

F-Zero GX

Control Stick Steer Left / Right (tilt more for sharper turns), Machine nose Up / Down: up increases speed and decreases flight, and down decreases speed and increases flight.
Control Pad Switch camera angles uses up or down
A Button Accelerate
B Button Use Air Brake
X Button Left / Right + X Button (while pressing A Button) = Use Side Attack
Y Button Use Booster. Speed up while pressing A Button. By pressing Y Button once, you can boost your speed for a limited time in exchange for a given amount of your energy. This feature is available after the 1st lap.
Z Button Left / Right + Z Button (while pressing A button) = Use Spin Attack
L Button Left + L Button = Slide-Turn Left, Left + L Button and R Button (hold down both) = Drift-Turn left
R Button Right + R Button = Slide-Turn right, Right + L Button and R Button (hold down both) = Drift-Turn right
Start/Pause Pause race and display Pause screen