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Eye of Judgment

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Great Concept

posted by Corpsman87 (WYOMING, MI) Jul 28, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

Great creation, only down fall is online. The game is so crude that all it takes is for someone to go the internet, find a picture of the most powerful cards, print them out and use them on the mat. The Eye doesnt register if its fake or not, All it recognises are just the block patterns that are on the cards. Poor planning on that one. Other than that, its pretty genious and definatly has immense potential. But I wouldnt go out and spend the money to find out its worth about 5-10 plays.

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GF Rating



posted by ZiNgXX (SPRING, TX) Sep 23, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

6 out of 13 gamers (46%) found this review helpful

Toy R Us sell this for $19.99 with PS3 eye all together, Nice! I did not want the game so I went ahead grab this because it has PS3 eye with it. Their price is way lower than PS3 eye without the game ($34.99).

I used my PS3 eye after I bought the package and put up the game on my shelf for several months. Yesterday I got bored and looked through out my games and saw this game. I realized I haven't try this out yet. It's pretty cool man. At first I wasn't happy with this. I was upset that when the PS3 eye did not read my cards correctly. Some how it turn out that my room is dark and not bright enough. I bought a lamp and put it on my desk. So now it read my cards! I was confusing from the being and then later on I caught up the rules and starting to like this game. You will like this game only if you know how to with it. This game have lot of tech help and tutorials which is very helpful to understand the game.

The only negative on this game is the update! It install and update for like almost 4 hours... I had to wait... wait... wait... after the update when the game come on it check my update again... when I turn my PS3 off and turn it back on another time and insert the game, it check the udate again geez! It had to repeat checking the update. It not take long because I had already got the update in my PS3 anyhoo!

My friend bought this from Toy R Us as well. He did too put up his game on his shelf and it is still there ha ha ha and he have not play it yet. I will tell him to try it out so he and I can play this online together someday. There should be more of them in Toy R Us for 20 dollars so get them if only if you need PS3 eye for less money and plus this game for FREE. So it will save you about $15.

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GF Rating


Meh +1

posted by MitLong (CHAMPLIN, MN) Dec 16, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

I bought this when it came out, and while it was an interesting concept it failed to hold my interest for more than a few hours.

- Innovative idea

- I found learning the game to be interesting.

- Cards coming to life is pretty cool for the first few hours.

- I didn't find the game itself that fun; Magic the Gathering is far superior, and I'm not a huge fan of Magic.

- Card scanning wasn't consistent. Many times I had too much or too little light, or some other problem that prevented the camera from reading the cards. Just too much of a hassle.

- It's a collectible card game, meaning you have to pour more and more money into it to get new / better cards. I've been down that route before and I'm not going back.

- Once you get past the initial "Cool! the cards are coming to life!", the whole card scanning thing just gets old. It takes way too long to play a game. It reminds me of excessively bloddy games; at first you're all "Woah! he threw that dude into the hellicopter blades!", but 10 hours later you're all "Again with the helicopter death..."

- It be expensive. If you've got EoJ money burning a hole in your pocket, buy a move (also comes w/ camera).

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