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Eye Toy Groove


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Eye Toy Groove

Combo #1 SOLO GROOVE - Put your dancing skills to the test and let our judges make the call. Use the Freestyle and Pose bonus games to boost up your score, and remember - you're the star of the game. Also, make sure you keep dancing because if you move alot, you'll be awarded bonus points and also generate special visual effects. Play through all 23 tracks to open up another five bonus tracks.
Combo #2 GROUP GROOVE - You wanna have some fun with your friends? This is where it's at! Round up your friends and turn your living room into a real disco inferno as you play a range of wacky multiplayer games.
Combo #3 THE DANCE MOVE MAKER - This allows you to create your own dance routines, save them to memory card and then play them as part of the Solo Groove mode. It shouldn't take long before you're creating your own masterpieces.
Combo #4 CHILL OUT ROOM - Listen to some of the tracks and check out some cool video effects that accompany the tunes. This is perfect to have on during a party for some hi-tech visuals, or if you've had a big night out and just need time to chill!
Combo #5 PHOTO ALBUM - Check out your saved photos in your own virtual photo album. Make sure you have enough space on your memory card to save all your fantastic snapshots. Space permitting, each album can hold up to 192 stills.

Combo #1 Solo Groove Mode - When a Solo Groove game begins, there will be a short two-bar intro before the sequencing starts. You'll see yourself standing within an arc of six motion activated buttons. Different dance icons fly out from the center of the screen to one or two of the respective buttons. You have to hit the corresponding button as the dance icon passes over it. The closer in time to the beat you hit the button, the more points you will receive. But it's not all about rhythm and timing you can also score points via the Extreme Movement Detector; a large button located in the center of the screen that detects the amount of motion over time. This insures that a dancer with poor timing will still receive points in proportion to the amount of effort they are putting into their dance moves.
Combo #2 Group Groove Mode - The following Group Groove Mode games are available for you to play with friends: Team Sync., Battle Sync., Battle Groove and Tournament. If you choose to play Battle Sync., Battle Groove or Tournament, photos are taken of each player before the game begins. Activate the Take Photo button and after your picture has been taken, select "Yes" to confirm you are happy with the outcome, or "No" to retake your picture. At least two photos must be taken to begin a game and another two players may be added by selecting Take Photo again. When all players have had their picture taken and are ready to play, activate the Start Game Button to begin.
Combo #3 Freestyle - When playing Solo Groove mode in Dynamic, Easy, Medium, Hard, or Your Dance Routine difficulty settings, Team Sync. mode or Battle Groove mode, watch out for the Freestyle round. Freestyle is a bonus round and gives you an extra opportunity to build up your score. During this round the Extreme Movement Recorder will cover the entire screen, so you can build up your Groove Bar even faster. The screen will be cleared of buttons because we don't want to cramp your style. So don't just stand around looking bashful! This will be the best time to increase your Groove Bonus as the Extreme Movement Recorder will become extra sensitive. During Freestyle sequences, the on-screen action is recorded and you can watch a video of your freestylin masterpiece at the end of the game.

Combo #1 Star Ranking - Your Star Ranking is based on your ability to hit the Dance Icons in time with the beat successfully hitting the icons in time with the music will increase your ranking, but hitting the icons out of sync will decrease your ranking. The flashing letter in the status display at the bottom of the screen refers to your current Star Ranking. The letters range from A to E, where A is the top and E is the pits. Don't let your ranking remain on E for too long or you might find yourself booed off the dance floor!
Combo #2 Groove Bar - The Groove Bar reacts to the amount of movement you are making - the more you move, the faster your Groove Bar will increase. When the Groove Bar reaches its maximum, a live video effect will be triggered and you'll score double the points for any of the dance icons hit.
Combo #3 Perfect - If you hit the dance icon perfectly in time with the beat, you'll score the maximum number of points available and activate a massive effect. Hit four perfects in a row to create a combo for some extra bonus points.