Rent Exit for DS
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GF Rating

Very Good

Good but leveling is inconsitent

posted by dmsnyder4 (SILVER SPRING, MD) Jul 19, 2009

Member since Jan 2008

The graphics are great, the puzzles are fun, the game is "no violent" and you get points by saving people rather than killing them.

You get a level, and then it is your job to rescue the different people in the building, boat, or what have you. There are different items like elevators, crates, barrels, trollies that you use to access different points of the game level. The difficulty is that every type of character has different things he or she can or cannot do. For instance the dog can jump horizontally for a long distance, but can't jump up high. The strongest character can push everything around, but needs help to get over most obstacles.

So the game is about cooroperation and rescue, which is refreshing. The levels are timed, but usually are sufficient to solve the level. Give yourself some time to get use to the controls, they become intuitive pretty quickly.

The two complaints I have about the game are first - the puzzles start out easy, but then seem to jump up in difficulty rather than gradually increase. The other annoyance is there is no undo option, so if you have 75% of the puzzle solved and need to figure out the last 25%, you need to run through all the steps to get to that point before being able to figure out the rest. Some of the puzzles involve hundreds of steps, so it can get annoying. For this reason I finally stopped playing the game, but I get easily frustrated.

But like Light the Way, Exit is an original, well done, visually appealing, intuitive puzzle game.

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GF Rating


Not very good

posted by Thoughts (VILONIA, AR) Feb 3, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

DS brings so much technology and graphics that this game really takes a step back in time. Almost 2D and back to Pac-Man days. Don't get me wrong Pac-Man is great but the description of this game leads one to believe that there is some action involved. It didn't hold my interest long enough to get past the 3rd level.

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GF Rating


Fluid Movement Is A Key Factor; Skip it!; Try PSP!

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Dec 9, 2008

Member since Nov 2004

This game is usually "low availability" and it looks like a good game. However this version is not worth it. I will try the PSP version (original)!

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