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Great Puzzles Marred By Frustration

posted by Kimoon (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 13, 2006

Member since Jan 2003

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Time Played: 2~3 hours
Difficulty: Medium

It is unfortunate that Exit isn’t a great puzzle title because it seems like it should be. The game puzzle designs are excellent and there are different kinds of puzzle to constantly keep you entertained. The download service is promising because there are more puzzles you can download over time. However at the end of the day Exit isn’t a great puzzle title because of its frustrations.

The frustrations come in two forms, bad AI and bad controls. There are AI characters you need to rescue seem to act in odd ways often getting stuck in places forcing you to start the board all over again. Controls are also a problem because all button press seem to be a second late and totally unresponsive. For example if you walk down the stair you can’t stop in the middle and go back up. Making jumps is also hard often leading to you falling making you climb the stairs again or dying right out. This is incredibly frustrating when you die knowing how to solve the puzzle or not get the past time because of bad controls.

It really is a shame Exit isn’t a better game. The graphics work nicely and puzzle designs are great. The controls and the AI however make the game an exercise in frustration than fun.

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Fun and simply challenging

posted by Aereos (CANYON COUNTRY, CA) Jun 5, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

This is one game that is fun for everyone of age. In a nutshell, you're a expert on escaping and will help anyone as long as the price is right. Although you never use this money to buy power-ups or anything.
You're role as the player is to lead everyone out under a time limit and if you don't, it's game over.
With 100 levels, there's actually one hundred different ways of leading people to their freedom.
It's really fun! I couldn't put it down, I just had to keep it. It's a must for someone who likes to think.
Granted it's not for everyone, one who does no thinking out of school will not get most of the puzzles that are laid out. Everyone who plays this game will get a kick out of it.

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quirky gameplay

posted by frankbot (CHICAGO, IL) Jan 26, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

My only complaint with this game is that the play control is too quirky for a game where time matters. Let me explain...

Exit is NOT an action game; it's a puzzle game that happens to be delivered in a 2D side-scrolling action-like format, similar to Goonies for NES. Each level is played inside a building and common tasks include ascending and descending ladders and ropes, using keys to open doors, and sliding boxes around. The problem is, to perform any action other than walking or jumping, you have to be in just the right spot. To use a ladder, you have to be next to it instead of right on top of it. Finding the sweet spot is often difficult and requires moving back and forth ever so slightly. Once you're on and you begin climbing, your character doesn't respond to commands until they've gotten to the other end. This means that you can't turn back if you realize you don't actually want to be moving down a ladder. The same principle applies to many other actions in the game.

Sure, you could argue that it's all part of the challenge but I disagree. All of this would be fine if you weren't racing against the clock. If the object was simply to figure out how to finish the level regardless of how long it takes you, the quirky controls wouldn't be a problem. But getting the highest score possible seems... I don't know, pointless?

That said, Exit is still a pretty fun game.

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